HR Glossary

HR Glossary

Hey HR Heroes!

Welcoming you gladly to the page, we know, you are here, because some or the other HR jargon or new HR slang got over your head. It may even be something that you read in one of our blogs. Or maybe, you are just here to brush up your memory and stay updated or to make your email more impressive?

Irrespective of what has brought you to our glossary page, you can count on it. Our glossary page is the right assemblage of the terms most frequently used in the HR world. You can call it “The Bible Of HR”. Whether you are here to know the meaning of any technical term like ATS or a term related to payroll, performance or work-life balance; you will surely find it here on HR-One HR Glossary page.

For your convenience, we have kept the language simple and meanings to-the-point. So, even if you are an HR intern, a newbie, a researcher or a veteran, you will face no difficulty in understanding the meanings and HR definitions.

Ok! No more bragging. We hope you find our glossary page resourceful. Click to read now!