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An intelligent enterprise-ready HRMS suite that automates HR processes, simplifies human interactions and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces.

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Why should you prefer HROne over other HRMS?

Never miss or delay a task ever again

Humans work best in a continuity and limited distraction environment. HROne is designed to optimize the flow of work for all its stakeholders.

Efficiency across the organisation and not just HR is likely to see a boost of 9x, HR- 5x, employee-2x, employer-2x

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Every data you need, available in real time

HROne offers in-depth insights that are action-led and support growth in the now and as well as in the long-term.

To say the least, you will become 3x more agile and would be able to take strategic decisions right in time.

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Alter the software as per your needs

Unlike other rigid HRMS system, the strong core engine of HROne allows organizations to virtually model them at all levels from enterprise to teams.

You scale, we scale! Our core engine offers immense flexibility to support your future expansion plans with easy configurations.

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Build happier workplaces

HROne enhances employee journey at all 3 touchpoints – peer-to-peer, HR to employees and manager to teams to foster a culture of appreciation & gratitude.

The increase in appreciation and recognition levels makes your employees 7x more motivated for every task they do!

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Learn how we make your HR more efficient compared to any other HRMS suite out there!

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HROne has featured in leading tabloids and media agencies as an Industry thought leader for their unparalleled & out-of-the box HR automation services offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

HRMS, short for human resources management system, is a complete package of modules or software applications integrated to manage end-to-end HR operations throughout the employee lifecycle. It is a comprehensive software that simultaneously streamlines core and strategic HR functions and combines them to form a single solution.

HRMS software is used to run multiple HR processes in harmony to ultimately improve HR efficiency. It facilitates safe and efficient management of employee data. The HRMS enables an organization to manage its workforce efficiently through the use of information technology and stay compliant with the modifications in tax/labor laws and regulations.

Using HRMS software is beneficial for businesses in several ways. It frees up time by automating HR tasks, puts important information at your fingertips, makes employee monitoring & development easier, and keeps your critical employee data secure. Using an HRMS software helps improve employee productivity, performance, and engagement, and process HR activities faster, thereby enhancing overall business efficiency.

HRMS software is a unified platform that runs on the basic need of managing and automating all the routine HR processes. To keep the HR activities in synchronization, the software seamlessly integrates all HR modules together as well as with external platforms. It works by increasing efficiency of a variety of functions from ‘hire to retire’ including organizing employee details along with organizational information, making it easily accessible to the users.

The best HRMS software solutions are highly flexible and scalable. Meaning, these systems will cater to the needs of every business, no matter the size, industry or complexity. HRMS software can be scaled as per the use of startup companies having as less as 50 employees to large enterprises with as big as 5000 employee headcount. HRMS systems also give companies the flexibility to begin with only core modules and then add more modules with the increasing requirements as they grow.

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In the Bersin led Deloitte study, it was found that the companies with newly upgraded HRMS spend as less as 22 percent of the time per employee. Build happier workplaces by spending less time on HR operations and more time on human interactions & nurturing your talent with HROne. Take the leap with India’s first truly #MobileFirst HRMS app, HROne. Speak to our experts to experience this marvel first-hand.