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Don’t waste time in updating candidate data and coordinating for interviews, instead run your recruitment tasks on auto pilot using our recruitment software!

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Recruitment Software

HROne recruitment software promises no space for inefficiency.
Organise recruitment data and bridge the gap between candidate management and experience

Use a Recruitment management model that parses the data, helps you navigate through the candidate journey until they are hired automagically- all in less than your usual TAT.

Our Clients See Value in it, Yours Will Too

“Earlier, we were closing 8 to 10 positions; now, with HROne, we close 15-20 positions per day. ”

Naresh Kangupati,

HR Manager Caliber Technologies

Job Opening

Specific and simpler

Raise a requirement

Whenever there is a requirement of new person in any team, the manager can raise the request using our portal while mentioning the preferred salary, skills, location and experience.

Send for Approval

As soon as the requirement is raised, it is sent for approval to the designated person as per the workflow. The assigned person can go through the specifications and approve or reject the request while alongside stating the reason for rejection in our HR recruitment software.

Use JD Master

A predefined JD library and an option to save JD templates is also present in the HRIS software to help you save time and source the right candidates every time.

Know the reason

Not just the count, using our recruitment management software, you can also know the real reason for every new job opening; whether the position is new or a replacement position.

Recruitment Management Software

Recruiter Assignment

Delegate work fairly

Track Workload

Look at the total, closed and open positions with every recruiter so that you assign the tasks as per the bandwidth and no one is overburdened.

Choose A Recruiter

Quickly assign the position to an internal recruiter and watch the system send the relevant information to the recruiter to work efficiently on the position.

Select the Consultant

If the internal recruiters don’t have the bandwidth, you can also assign the position to an external recruiter directly from the portal.

Cloud Recruitment Software

Candidate Sourcing

Faster than anticipated

Add candidate data

Recruiters can choose to add data manually or add through his existing candidate bank.

Make opening public or private

Choose to make the job opening confidential or you can publish it on enterprise wall for employee referrals.

Parse the data

No need to waste time in filling the candidate data manually. Sit back and let HROne recruitment management software autofill candidate form on your behalf.

Post on social

Post the job opening on social media channels through our portal directly with zero complications and absolute ease.

Link with Career Portal

Now every job opening can be mentioned on your career portal directly through our HR software. Applicant can apply on that position and it will be auto-synced with HROne

Hr Recruitment Software

Candidate Lifecycle

Smoother transition

Use smart filters

You can find the right candidate data for every opening by putting smart filters on the basis of ratings, source and source category and decide the next best course of action.

Change the stages

Don’t keep the applicants waiting. Accept or reject the application and move them easily to the next stage i.e. screening, interview, offer, or hired while leaving a remark if required.

Monitor the TAT

Use the TAT master to keep a track on the turnaround time at each stage of the candidate journey to avoid delays and take actions timely. You can assign the no. of days in TAT master on the basis of job type i.e internship, associate, director and more.

Online Recruitment Software


A delight for everyone

Schedule Interviews

Schedule as many rounds of interview by mentioning the interviewer name, time, room and date and avoid misinformation.

Send Notification

No need to start a mail chain! Once the interview is scheduled, both the interviewer and the interviewee get notified via an email.

Take Feedback

Using HROne HR software, the manager (Interviewer) can record the feedback by answering the questions and recommend if he is a good hire or not. Recruiter can also define as many templates as required for different interview feedbacks.

Conduct Panel Interview

If an interview round calls for feedback from more than one interviewer, you can accomplish it easily with HROne HRMS Software.

Recruitment Software India

Offer Letter

Quick & Error-Free

Auto CTC Calculator

Make the best use of our recruitment module integration with payroll software. Put the CTC amount and let the software bifurcate it into salary components as per your defined salary structure like DA, basic, and more.

Take Approvals

You can now send system generated offer letter for internal approval before sharing it with the candidate.

Send offer letter

From the system itself, you can share the final approved offer letter with the candidate and take his acceptance or rejection thereby.

Customize offer letter templates

Customize your own offer letter templates for various positions.

Candidate Experience

Keep the potentials engaged

Exchange messages

Recruiter can directly exchange messages with candidate through the HROne software using 1 on 1 send message feature.

Complete your new joiner’s documentation

Before the new employee joins, get his profile and documents updated in the system via shared link generated by HROne

Keep your new joiner engaged

Don’t wait to engage the employee from the day he joins, keep him posted with company updates and flaunt your work culture using the option to send custom m engaging emails.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Recruitment is a chain of consecutive operations that lead a prospective candidate to become the employee of an organization. A system or software application that automates all the processes involved in this complete cycle of hiring/recruiting an employee and facilitates effective management of the same is termed as Recruitment Management System (RMS).
  • A recruitment software works step-by-step to finally get the employer a suitable employee for the company through a set of automated functions. The steps majorly involve finding and attracting applicants, evaluating shortlisted candidates, and performing pre-boarding formalities once they accept the job offer.

Recruitment systems were built to ease the load of recruiters through automation. So the main features of HR recruitment software revolve around mechanizing the time-consuming tasks involved in the recruitment process. 5 features of a recruitment management software include:

  • Easy and seamless software integration
  • Candidate management
  • Collaborative Recruiting
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Analytics dashboard & reporting
  • Improves recruiter’s productivity
  • Enlarges the scope of social reach
  • Saves time for high-level tasks
  • Simplifies candidate data management
  • Enhances communication and efficiency
  • Upgrades candidate quality and sourcing strategies

Recruitment agencies are considered as the most effective mode of hiring & placement. The recruitment management software that they use must have the following features:

  • Flexible and scalable as per the company’s growing size
  • Smooth candidate lifecycle management
  • Good candidate engagement and experience

HROne checks off all the aforementioned attributes and more!

  • Preparation: Identifying needs, preparing job description, creating recruitment plan, and finding recruitment sources, and job portals
  • Sourcing: Posting job descriptions, joining recruitment network, gathering referrals, adding & parsing data, and examining existing candidates
  • Screening: Meeting basic requirements, shortlisting eligible candidates, and prioritizing the best-suited to select one or as required
  • Selecting: Written/online examination, personal interviews, and detailed assessment
  • Hiring: Issuing the offer letter, clarifying contract details, confirming the offer acceptance, background verification, and decision making
  • Pre-boarding: Pre-joining formalities, online communication, asset availability, and candidate engagement/experience
  • Throughout the recruitment process, it is important for HROne to keep candidate experience at the forefront. From exchanging messages using the 1-on-1 feature, and getting documents updated via HROne link beforehand, to introducing joiners to the work culture and colleagues, facilitating employee experience is a priority for HROne recruitment software.
  • Every nitty-gritty related to offer letters is smoothly handled by the HROne recruitment software. You can simply put the CTC amount and let the software bifurcate it into salary components as per salary structure. Also, internal approvals can be taken for the offer letter before sharing it with the joiner.
  • HROne is not merely an ATS, it is way beyond that! The best recruiting software like HROne supports recruitment functions such as posting job openings, assigning recruiters, sourcing candidates, managing candidate lifecycle, scheduling and facilitating interviews, processing offer letters, and streamlining candidate experience. It is not just another module but a full-blown hiring software.
  • The HROne mobile app makes you truly mobile. When it comes to recruitment, the mobile app can be used to raise requirements, schedule and coordinate interviews, send progress intimations at every stage and upload feedback in real-time for the candidates to stay informed. Also, the documents of the new joiner can be uploaded directly using the mobile app. The application not only eases the recruitment process for the HRs but also makes the candidates and joiners feel empowered.
  • HROne recruitment management software experts are available and work from the offices in Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, Vijayawada. If your office is in any city other than these, experts are available to visit you there too.

Why choose recruitment software by HROne?

Companies lose as many as 89% of potential candidates due to prolonged screening process. When you use our automagical HR recruitment software, the recruiters can parse the candidate data and move the candidate to the interview date effortlessly.

Not just this, after the seamless transition from candidate to new hire, HROne payroll software meanwhile generates auto CTC as well! And for the candidates that didn’t turn into a hire, they become your potential referrals & recommend your company to their acquaintances for you as the stats say, 97% of the candidates who have had a positive experience refer others to apply even when they are not selected!

Choose a recruitment management software that runs candidate lifecycle on autopilot and ensures great experience for all with HROne.Manage employee lifecycle with ease and spend less time on HR operations and more time on human interactions with our HCM suite.