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HROne is an integrated HR management software that automates and simplifies your key HR operations.

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Core HR

Get the freedom to configure the software like your own.

HROne, India’s best HRMS software gives you complete control of the platform by allowing you to configure the software to meet your unique organizational needs. Create multiple companies, defines organisation structure, roles & permissions, grant access rights.

Create & upload HR policies in HR handbook and make rich text or video announcements too.

  • Configure Companies
  • Create Org. Structure
  • Define Roles
  • Rights & Permissions
  • Manage Database
  • Create Workflows
  • Create HR Handbook
workflow levels: hr software
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workforce management


Manage employee life cycle from onboarding to exit.

Get your task like employee confirmation, clearance, letter generation & more auto-assigned to designated task owners on pre-defined life cycle dates with workforce management software.

hr data import

10+ imports

get hr reports

15+ reports

hr dashboard


hr process

12+ Processes

  • Confirm Employee
  • Publish Letters
  • Manage Separations
  • Perform Clearance
  • Conduct Exit Interviews
workforce management: hr software
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payroll solution


Error-free & compliant payroll processing, every time

No more waiting! Auto process your salaries and get salary reconciliation report in your email. Publish salary slips to your employees in a single click with payroll management software.

payroll data import

9+ imports

payroll report

32+ reports

payroll dashboard


payroll processes

12+ Processes

  • CTC Breakup
  • New Joiner Salary
  • Declare Investment
  • Click-free Salary
  • Pay Reimbursements
  • Manage Loans
  • Challans & Returns
  • F&F Settlements
payroll processing: hr software
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time attendance system


Real-time attendance & 100% policy adherence made possible.

Auto calculate your paydays with zero interventions by pre-scheduling your monthly attendance processing and save HR man-hours with attendance management software.

attendance import

8+ imports

attendance report

25+ reports

attendance dashboard


attendance process

11+ Processes

  • Shift Rotation
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Geo Attendance
  • Biometric Integration
  • Attendance Arrears
  • Approve Leaves
  • Comp-offs & Overtime
  • Auto-process Attendance
attendance management: hr software
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performance management


Achieve organizational goals with real-time feedback

Create quick goals using our recommendation engine and conduct on-time reviews. Track employee performance with regular 1-on-1 meetings and share regular feedback on employee initiatives with performance management software.

import employee performance

2+ imports

employee performance report

9+ reports

employee performance dashboard


employee performance process

10+ Processes

  • Define Performance Cycle
  • Goals Recommendations
  • New Joiner Goals
  • Conduct Reviews
  • Collect 360 Feedback
  • 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Continuous Feedback
  • 9 Box Metrics
employee performance management: hr software
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helpdesk system


Conversational ticketing system that gets work done.

Improve ticket response time & quality with our conversational ticketing system. Create unlimited ticket categories, define SLAs and rate agents.

helpdesk report

5+ Reports

helpdesk tool dashboard


helpdesk process

10+ Processes

  • Raise & Track Tickets
  • Define SLA’s
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Categorize Tickets
  • Auto Assign Tickets
  • Rate Agents
help desk management tool: hr software
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Manage your Employee Expenses: hr software


Manage employee expenses in real-time

Configure all expense related policies as per the requirements, give your employees the comfort of updating their expenses on the go and release the payouts in time using our expense management software while ensuring you do not pay a single penny extra ever again.

1 Dashboard

7 Reports

3 Processes

  • Make multiple expense policies
  • Facilitate Advance, Exceptional Payouts
  • Run fraud management check
  • Track project wise expenses
  • Enable cost control with auto-distance inputs
  • Upload Expenses with Mobile App
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Onboard management system: hr software


Onboard good quality hires fastly

Create job opening on web or from mobile, delegate them to recruiters,consultants and watch them source candidates and plan interviews smartly as they make the candidate lifecycle smoother and release the offer letter using our predefined letter templates or their owns. Also, empower your managers to update feedback in real time while recruiters keep the potential hires engaged enough with our recruitment management software!

1 Dashboard



  • Create job openings
  • Assign openings to recruiters/consultants
  • Do candidate sourcing
  • Manage candidate lifecycle
  • Schedule interviews
  • Release offer letter
  • Engage the candidates
  • Use mobile app
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employee chat tool


Bring your employees together with secure & user-friendly chat.

Promote cross departmental communication and camaraderie using HROne’s beautiful and intuitive chatting platform.

Have private chats, group chats or 1-on-1 conversation with your fellow colleagues and share documents safely.

  • Private Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Share Documents
  • Create Groups
  • Search Directory
instant chat system: hr software
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Mobile App

Give your employees the convenience of on the go HR services

HROne offers on-the-go access to complete HR information and freedom to execute all actions from the comfort of your mobile phone. Go truly mobile with HROne.

  • Workforce
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Engagement


We get along well with your existing software

HROne HRMS Software seamlessly integrates with other cloud & on‑premises softwares you already use. HROne lets you easily connect with 15+ app & tools to help you get the job done.

hrone integration: hr software

The Top 6 benefits of an HR Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • HR software is an end-to-end digital solution that automates HR processes (from onboarding to retirement), simplifies employee management and delivers actionable data to aid organisation’s growth.. It’s a unified platform that offers different modules in one place – payroll software, attendance management software, employee engagement software, performance management software and many more. Oftentimes, HR software is also called human resource management systems ( HRMS), human capital management (HCM) and Human resources information systems (HRIS).
  • An HR Software assists the Human Department of an organization by automating end to end HR processes from onboarding to retirement and keeping the employee data in order. With an efficient HR Solution, the administrative burden of HRs are reduced and their productivity is increased manifold with elimination of repetitive tasks.
  • There are numerous HR processes in an organization that consists of repetitive tasks and require record keeping of employees data in different stages of the Employee Life Cycle. . When an HR manually performs these tasks, the time consumption goes higher, for eg. whenever there is an open position, an HR is required to manually draft the job description and update the vacant position on different portals, while this can be easily achieved with the Recruitment solution in a few taps.
  • Similarly, the payroll function of an organization is processed every month where an HR spends his most time in preparing accurate paid inputs, maintains multiple spreadsheets and checks for errors several times before finally crediting the salaries to employees’ accounts. All this & more could be achieved in a few clicks with a Payroll software.
  • It’s imperative that in order to save time, efforts and expedite HR processes and productivity, a company must invest in an HR Software.
  • Minimum features that an HR software must have – Centralized employee database, employee self-service, HR reporting, ease of use, payroll management, attendance & time management, and performance review management.
  • If you are looking for HR software for startups or HR software for medium businesses and enterprises, start by deciding on what requirements you want it to fulfil, what’s your price range and, lastly, what should the HR system achieve. Next, keep this add-on checklist handy when making a choice – user friendly, privacy and security, remote accessibility, cloud service and customizability.
  • Over 500+ leading brands in the country trust HROne to manage their most important resource: Talent. Recognised as India’s best agile end-to-end HRMS suite, HROne helps businesses become future-ready by transforming the connection between workforce and technology.
  • In a small business setup, there is generally a single HR who is responsible to perform all HR and administrative tasks like employee record keeping, hiring, payroll processing, promotions, time tracking etc. An HR software not only reduces the administrative burden of the HR but assists him in formulating stipulated workflows, structured policies and aids in comprehensive record management. With a small monthly investment, a startup can streamline all its HR processes, curate desired culture & manage talent more efficaciously.
  • HROne is an intelligent enterprise ready HCM suite that’s future ready with the first ever Mobile app that has Employee self service, Manager self service & HR Self Service. Our HR software commits to deliver 3X efficiency in the existing HR processes of your organization by truly automating each workflow, policy and HR tasks. Our innovative #InboxForHR allows the HRs to perform all HR functions in real time and not switch to different modules tab to view and complete tasks. Apart from 10 full fledged modules, we have unique innovations like HR Desk to perform google like action based searches, Template Vault (100s of free & vetted templates, checklists), Touchless Payroll, HR Reports Scheduler etc. to take your HR functions to the next level and craft the best experience for your employees.
  • HROne is a powerful, all-in-one and yet the most affordable HR software you can buy today. No matter the size of your business, HROne offers scalable pricing that fits your desired budget. Customers can additionally opt for powerful add-ons, HROne mobile app being one of them.
  • HROne’s interactive and agile mobile solution is designed to empower organisations & take user adoption to new heights. It’s built on three key pillars – speed, efficiency & convenience, With HRone app, employees can stay connected to the organisation, anywhere and anytime, It’s integrated modules cater to every strategic and functional aspect of human resource management that can morph the entire game for your HR Tech. Find out how you can reduce efforts, increase productivity, and discover time for great things by accessing all the functionalities of our web application on HROne mobile app.
  • HRone lives by the ‘You scale, we scale’ motto. Our core engine provides immense flexibility to support your organisation’s future expansion plans with easy configurations.

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Almost 73.2% of HRs’ time is wasted in doing tedious administrative tasks manually while more than 56% of the tasks they perform can be fully automated. With HROne HR software not only do the HRs get to save 20 hours or more per week but also do it all with a single highly integrable application on their desktop and mobile.

While all the functions run on autopilot with little or no human help, the HRs get time to do tasks that actually need their attention like Interviewing, negotiating and working on key metrics of importance like employee attrition, happiness, satisfaction and more.

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