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Automate your HR functions with HR-One, a comprehensive HR solution that is scalable, intuitive and easy to use. Whether you own a small business or a medium to large corporate, headcount never becomes a matter of concern. Our HRMS software in India helps you keep a tab on employee activities, manages complex and monotonous HR functions while sending alerts for alarming situations.

Over 400+ companies and 3,00,000+ users are empowered by HR-One every day.

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by 3,00,000+ users

Simple yet powerful features that make using HR-One a pure “Joy”

All in one HR Solution

HR Companies use dozens of tools to manage the HR & Payroll functions; we merged them all into one.

#1 online HR software for small & medium businesses

Handling multiple facets of HR functions is quite exhausting. What you need is a complete HRMS that offers great ease of use. HR-One is a complete HR automation tool that handles not just payroll but every other HR aspect from recruitment to performance to F&F. We proudly stand amongst few HR software that offer end-to-end HR automation in this fragmented HR market.

The product lets you manage employees, update policies, approve requests and execute the tedious & error-prone tasks swiftly. While the candidate database helps you save time in sourcing, the easy-to-integrate attendance software keeps track of employee timings and transfers the data recorded in a click to the payroll software. Yes! You can finally stop jumbling yourself between attendance & payroll software. Invest the time saved in nurturing the employees using performance management software. Reimburse amounts, track asset locations and manage travel related expenses in the blink of an eye. Provide training to the underperforming and new employees in a few clicks. Other top-notch features include geotracking, kudos, dynamic workflows, insightful reports, and a lot more. All-in-all the software helps an organisation to boost productivity, motivate employees while saving time and money.

HR-One is also the most reasonably priced HR and payroll software that comes with an option to pay only for what you use. What else could be better than this for growing SMEs?

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