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Offer Letter Template

Get a free offer letter sample template to make the best first impression on your newbies.

Because creating a formal offer letter from scratch for every new joinee is one heck of a task, we bring you a send-ready template.

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The custom-built offer letter template will take you almost there…
Use our best-in-class job offer letter sample, and hit the share button. But first, tailor them as per your requirements by keeping few important points in it:

What is an Offer Letter?


An offer letter is the first piece of document exchanged with a prospective employee after successfully getting through all the phases of a job interview. This official document proposes the applicable job conditions and elaborates on the key terms of employment for the employee to negotiate the offer.

According to Careerbuilder 2016, “After securing a job offer, 64% of candidates researched a company online to know more, and 37% said they will move on to another company if they can’t find enough information on the offer letter.”

That’s the impact an offer letter has on your business, it can either tempt the best employees or drive them away!

Why is an offer letter important?

An offer letter speaks volumes about an organization and its repute. It creates a first-hand image of the employer and the company culture. Moreover, it gives a basic idea about the job-related information such as designation, salary, shift, location, and other details being offered. It makes the decision-making process of job selection easier for the shortlisted candidate. Hence, using an attractive and standard offer letter template to generate the same is extremely important.

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Download the free HROne offer letter template now, & save yourselves from half of the recruitment hassle.