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Attendance Management Software

Apply, track and monitor employee time and attendance in real-time and on the go with the best time and attendance management software in the Industry. Come loaded with Biometric integration, mobile application, GPS tracking and more.

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Complete Attendance Management System

Manage leaves, holidays, shifts, on-duty, overtime & more with a single software

The New Answer to Accurate Time Tracking

As businesses grow, attendance management becomes increasingly complex. What you need is an attendance management system which is easy to use, employee-centric and enterprise-ready. The HR-One software is a new age software that manages the end-to-end requirements of a new-age workforce. Our attendance management software enables employees to record attendance from anywhere with their mobile devices so that you never have to worry about employee presence, time tracking again. The attendance management software works well in scenarios where you have employees working remotely and on the field. With Mobile GPS & Geo-fencing functionality, you know exactly where your employees are and trace their whereabouts.

Tired of spreadsheets & Multiple Software?

Say Hello to HR-One; the most comprehensive time office management software in India

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