Asset Management Software

Asset lifecycle management made easy

Leave no room for assets to go missing or unaccounted for by mapping the whole asset lifecycle on a well-structured and highly customised asset management system that makes inventory tracking as simple as ABC.

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Asset Management Software

Take control of your Asset Lifecycle with Asset tracking software

Manage, track and assign Assets swiftly, control costs and mitigate risks!

Asset Management

Manage your assets

  • Create asset types and subtypes

Create a master of all asset types you want to track and manage in a click. You can also further categorise them in asset subtypes.

  • Add Product level details

Create different product types that organization sources and assigns to employees while marking the manufacturer, lifespan and invoice so that there’s no loophole left.

  • Curate Approval & Cancellation workflows

Create cancellation or approval workflow by defining request and flow type, add multiple approvers with due dates & TAT.

  • Create Vendor database

Add code, company info, address, GSTIN, primary and secondary contact information. Sync assets to the respective authorized vendors- all in the blink of an eye!

Asset Management

Update inventory

Keep a close eye!

  • Manage Hardware Inventory

Add single inventory or do bulk upload for the new or existing assets and let nothing go unaccounted for.

  • Update crucial invoice details

Mention Invoice number, Price, GST information, Payment type and more so that you never miss any detail.

  • Add Asset Lifecycle related details

Add depreciation value, warranty period, last audit, end of life, present status of the asset and more with HROne asset management app.

  • Maintain Asset ownership information

Now, add assignee and assignor to have a clear idea of who owns what and how, especially handy at the time of employee exit.

Update Inventory

Asset Request & Return

A click away!

  • Request New Asset or return

Make asset requests easier than ever via the request section. As per the defined workflow, it goes to the approver and before you know, it’s done!

  • Initiate Assignment/ return

Once the request is approved, Asset Manager can initiate the assignment/return of the asset as per the request.

  • Sync Onboarding/ Offboarding checklist

Sync the asset requests for cancellation or assignment with the Onboarding/Offboarding checklists and keep track of assets even when you are fast asleep!

Asset Request &Amp; Return

Asset Allocation

Automate asset distribution

  • Define asset allocation tenure

Ensure timely returns and avoid misplacements by updating the inventory, allocating the asset permanently or for a specific period of time.

  • See current standing of Assets

Check current standing of the assets via asset code or employee code or get one click view of all Assets using available search. Just click any asset card and take the action you want- edit details, manage inventory assignment.

  • Add custom filter and check activity log

View your last activity log of any inventory for audit purpose or apply custom filters like managed by to refine your asset search.

Asset Allocation


Asset Visibility to the T

  • Extract quick reports

Provision your asset accurately; extract a quick report on the current stock & status of your assets in a click.

  • Check Asset Spends

Figure out asset spends at any level in the organization to control costs and take preventive and corrective measures.

  • Use custom filters

Choose from 15+ custom filters to get reports as per your requirements & schedule it to the respective stakeholder so that you don’t have to manually go create and share the report every time the stakeholders ask.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The asset management software is an asset tracking solution of a company. It takes control of asset lifecycle from creating, sustaining, updating and trading assets in a cost and time efficient manner.

The asset management software work in four steps-

  • Create assets: Create asset types and categorise them by subtypes
  • Update Inventory: Add asset lifecycle related details on inventory and maintain their ownership information.
  • Asset Allocation: Assign assets to any employee either permanently or for a specific period. Track allocation with asset tracking system.
  • Analytics and Insights: Extract a quick report of the current stock and status of assets.
  • The fixed asset management software is important to track assets in real-time, maintain data of asset allocation, save time and resources in asset allocation, enhance scheduling and improve regulatory compliance.
  • The asset management software is a kind of asset monitoring software that costs as per their services offered and maintenance charges.
  • Asset management solutions keep track and history of the assets in an organised manner. This helps in delegating audits as per asset’s location and further make the asset verification process easy.
  • HROne asset software can be used across India. Their team, however, is available locally at the following locations- Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, Vijayawada. They do visit offices at every location across India though.

Why choose Asset Management Software by HROne?

Managing assets, especially when your company is in a growing stage becomes quite an important task that isn’t treated as importantly. You end up putting at stake not just your assets, cost incurred but also the sensitive information of your business.

While according to data available, 80% of employees waste an average of 30 minutes per day retrieving information, the companies that use our best IT asset management software have reported zero time killing and manual processing.

We are committed to save our users from theft, time kill and optimising asset usage for maximum benefit. HROne ensures the same through a smart customary setup amd world class automation that lets you manage and monitor entire asset management lifecycle.

Don’t continue to lose your inventory and information like others. Invest a little, save time and get peace of mind for the rest of your life with our software for asset management. Fill the form to begin your journey to better HR and administration now!