HR Glossary


When an employee is not reporting at work for 3 consecutive days and has not informed his managers or peers about his whereabouts or the reason of his absence, this situation is called as absconding in human resource.

It is one of the most unprofessional and disreputable reasons to terminate the contract of employment. The HRs dread this mishap whenever it occurs in their organization as the employee decides not to go to work suddenly without handing over the acquired asset, information etc. to the authorities. The motivation of such an employee comes under scrutiny as his motives and intentions could be a threat for the organisation.

The absconder becomes a threat for the company in following situations:

  • If he is found guilty of stealing confidential documents, information or database of his workplace.
  • If the person is going through stress, related to work and performance.
  • If the absconder has committed a crime outside office hours due to dispute or otherwise. They usually hibernate so as not to be found by the authorities.
  • If the absconder has committed criminal offense within office or working hours. It can be any form of crime such as hacking, molestation, bribe etc.
  • If he has been offered a great job opportunity by other company and wants him to join immediately. In this the absconder does not wish to serve the existing company anymore and may find the separation process long and complicated.

We can conclude that people that think running away from a problem is as good as solving one does such dishonorable act and are cowards.