HR Mobile App

Do more than just approve leaves with a fully function HR App.

Execute more than 50+ tasks using HROne mobile application and be truly mobile.
Give your HR & employees the freedom to use HR services on the go – anytime, anywhere.

Mobileapp Perform Min

Perform more than 50+ actions

  • Attendance Calendar
  • Reward Points
  • HR Broadcast
  • Doc Upload
  • Workforce
  • Tasks
  • HR Handbook
  • Badges
  • Payroll
  • Letters & Slips
  • Announcements
  • Approvals
  • Company Wall
  • Personalized Widget
  • Reimbursements
  • Attendance
  • Moodbot
  • Home

    Get the latest company feeds on your mobile and stay up-to-dates on latest events, announcements & updates.

    • Company Wall
    • Moodbot
    • Notifications
    • HR Broadcast
    • HROne Bot
    • Badges
    • Reward Points
    • Widgets
    Mobileapp Home


    Execute more than 20+ tasks from your mobile and stay on top of your game. And make broadcast & announcements straight from your mobile phone.

    • Executive Tasks
    • Workforce
    • Time-Office
    • Payroll
    • HR Broadcast
    • Appreciation Badges
    • Personalized Widgets
    • Company Announcements
    Mobileapp Task


    Initiate & approve more than 9 different types of requests across workforce, time-office and payroll modules in just few clicks

    • Initiate Request
    • Workforce Module
    • Time-office Module
    • Payroll Module
    Mobileapp Request


    Connect, converse and collaborate with your work colleagues using an easy to use built-in chat and always stay in sync.

    • Private Chat
    • Group Chat
    • Share Docs
    • Create Group
    • Search Directory
    Mobileapp Chat

    Make your HR mobile-ready

    Execute tasks, manage approvals, access ESS, upload employee data, & much more with HROne mobile app designed for HR, managers & employees.

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