India’s first Inbox-for-HR™

Inbox-for-HR™ is first of a kind HR interface that intelligently assigns open tasks to the designated task owner with zero manual intervention. Streamline your HR operations using a gmail-styled HR inbox that neatly organizes your actionable tasks so you never miss a task again.


HCM Cloud Expectation Vs Reality

Over the last few years, significant progress has been made in HR’s move to the cloud technology. But although cloud computing platforms have, in general, been quite successful, many HRMS companies have had challenges filling the organizational expectation gaps created as result of complex UI and poor user adoption. As a result, many of the organizations adopting cloud-based human capital management (HCM) systems could place enough emphasis on crucial activities such as HR Strategy, Performance Management, Engagement and User Experience. This is leading to technology implementations that are not delivering their full potential.

A global research study conducted by Deloitte shows the HCM expectation gaps that remains undressed even post implementation of HCM tool.


Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey, 2019.


HROne Bridging the Expectation Gap

The concept of Inbox-for-HR™ has been developed keeping in mind end-user requirements and their unfulfilled expectation gaps. HROne cloud-based HCM is establishing a foundation for change and innovation, enabling organizations to shift their energies toward more pressing challenges like HR strategy, employee experience and business growth.

The Inbox-for-HR promises to truly reinvent HR’s relationship with the workforce, enabling HR to ot only deliver a positive human experience but also reshape how work gets done is imperative.


How Inbox-for-HR™ can make a difference

01. For HR Professionals

Never miss a task again!

Now get all your tasks & messages straight in your HROne Inbox. No more juggling between multiple screens or modules so you never miss any tasks or deadlines.

  • View-tasks
  • Task-archive
  • Execute-tasks
Hrinbox 1
Hrinbox 2

02. For Managers

Manage your team from the Inbox

View & approve your team’s leave, attendance, confirmations and other such requests straight from your Inbox.
Create team goals & objectives and conduct performance reviews.
Give feedback on initiatives taken by your team members. Record 1-on-1 meeting minutes for future references.

  • Manage-approvals
  • Create-goals
  • Performance-review
  • Meeting-minutes

03. For Employees

Perform all tasks right from inbox

HROne lets you perform all tasks and actions from the convenience of the inbox. Read announcements, perform tasks, share feedback & 1-on-1 meeting minutes and much more.

  • Perform Tasks
  • Annoucements
  • Self Assessment
  • Initiative Feedback
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