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Payroll Solutions

What is a Payroll Solutions?

Not many people know that the actual meaning of “payroll” is the list of employees that are enrolled and entitled to receive pay for working with an organization. Some also refer to it as the total amount of wages paid by a company to its workforce. Over time, the definition of payroll may have evolved but what remains the same is payroll solutions that make this process easy and efficient.

Payroll solutions are the processes, systems, or even the different ways in which an intricate and elaborate payroll process is streamlined in any organization.

There are three main ways to run payroll solutions:

  • Manual Payroll Management – Payroll Accountant (Nah!)
  • Payroll Outsourcing – Third Party Services (Really?)
  • Payroll Software Solutions – Payroll Automation (Definitely, Yes!)

Payroll system software Your One Man Army

A Payroll Solution manages all payroll related tasks end to end from salary calculations, deductions, adjustments, to statutory adherence. It comprises of the following key components:

  • Employee Payroll Information
  • Working Hours
  • Leaves & Time Off
  • Monthly Paydays
  • Salary and Compensation
Payroll System Software
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Overtime Pay
  • Earnings & Deductions
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Special Allowances

Benefits of Payroll Solution

  • Create diversified & transparent salary structure
  • Auto convert Time & Attendance raw data into paid days
  • Not just automate, schedule Payroll with HROne!
  • Validate with critical action report for accurate payroll processing
  • 100% statutory compliant Payroll
  • Auto generate challans in government-recommended format
  • 1 click Payslip & Tax slip download available with mobile app
  • Auto adjust loans and advances EMI deductions
  • Reduce Admin & Finance Workload

Your error-prone and inefficient payroll won’t fix itself!

Is your payroll solution good enough? Or are you even using any?

If not, give HROne a try!

-An intelligent, integrated, and simplified payroll software which is 100% error-free and compliant, every single time.

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