Workforce Management Software

Manage your Hires with Smile.

Whether its rolling out the offer letter or confirmation, tedious database management or clearance, do it all – fast, simple and easy.

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Workforce Management Software

HROne workforce management software for every hire to retire core operational task!

Take control of your employee’s experience at each stage of the journey, like how you do it for your customers.

Our Clients See Value in it, Yours Will Too

“Kudos to HROne for transforming our Employee Life Cycle and making it more painless and faster than we expected.”

Surender Singh

Head-HR, Studds Accessories Ltd.


No more hicups.

Don’t keep your calendar circled

Customize your letter and feedback templates and forget about it. As confirmation due date arrives, the confirmation process is auto initiated and assigned to the task owners in the inbox for approval.

Generate letters in a click

Once approvals are in place, confirmation letters are auto sent to the joinee, and profiles are auto updated.

Know what’s pending

Go to the smart global search and type in the employee’s name to know the status. Or quickly refer to the insights dashboard to learn what all is pending.

Workforce Management Software


Streamline Offboarding

Get Organized

Customize the Separation policy, define notice period, configure when to initiate exit interview and map clearance checklist that triggers before the last working date of the employee.

No slip of data through cracks

Once resignation is approved, employee profile gets auto-updated and data is synced across hr software, payroll software, attendance management software.

Workforce Management Solutions

Exit and Clearance

Last day, done right.

Manual Clearance is a thing of past

No more follow ups between departments. Define and intimate the task owners, auto initiate the clearance checklist before last date of the employee. Final dues auto credited and synchronized with the payroll.

Meaningful exit

Make your employee feel valued with the personalized exit interview, record feedback, if required.

F&F without back and forth

Single click final settlement compliant with payroll, leaving a positive lasting impression on the parting employee.

Workforce Management System


Org Movement Pulse

Headcount trends

Know the movement pulse of your organIzation. How many employees were hired, who all left in a given span of time.

Attrition Graph

Identify the top reasons that made your employees quit the job. Take preventive actions in time.

Know about the bad hires who left your organization before completing probation period.

Insights Min

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ensuring optimization of employee productivity and well-being in the workplace using a set of well-defined processes throughout the employee lifecycle is known as Workforce Management. WFM includes analysing and planning the requirements of the workforce, and managing staff schedules to achieve goals on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis.

The objectives of a workforce management system are as follows

  • Building a high-performing workforce
  • Maintaining an environment for quality excellence
  • Adhering to work policies and procedures
  • Saving time & resources to organize workflows
  • Achieving strategic goals while adapting to change
  • Minimization of business expenses
  • Enhancement of operational efficiency
  • Maximization of employee productivity and agility
  • Elimination of financial and non-compliance risks
  • Improvement in client/customer satisfaction
  • The most common workforce management functionality is to plan, manage and track employees’ work on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. This involves gathering workforce requirements, fixing employee schedules, managing paid time-off, and providing businesses with advanced analytics to facilitate informed decision-making on employee welfare.
  • Workforce management is important for streamlining the operations performed in an organization and maintaining synchronized functioning of the employees to get optimum output through a defined set of procedures. The WFM system not only improves productivity of the employees but also enhances the overall business performance.
  • Once the employee is deemed fit for the organization, you can customize confirmation letters and feedback templates and simply share ahead. The WFM software, the confirmation auto initiates the confirmation process and assigns it to the task owners in the inbox for approval as the confirmation due date arrives. You can generate confirmation letters, auto-send to the joinee, and auto-update the profiles in a click, once approvals are in place. Also, users can go to the smart global search and know the status of the employee or quickly refer to the insights dashboard to learn what all is pending.

In short, HROne does revolutionise the way you manage attendance, giving everyone in the organisation the experience they deserve!

  • HROne helps you to get organized by customizing separation policies, defining notice period, configuring initiation of exit interview, and mapping clearance checklist that starts before the last working day of an employee. Moreover, after the approval of resignation, the employee profile gets auto-updated and data is synced across HR software, payroll software, attendance management software. There is no need for manual clearance and no follow-ups between departments. You can define and intimate the task owners, auto initiate the clearance checklists prior to the LWD, and also auto credit and synchronize final dues with the payroll. The single click F&F settlement compliant with payroll, leaves a positive lasting impression on the parting employee. Lastly, the employees feel valued with the personalized exit interview, and you can even record feedback, if required.

There are 4 critical areas of workforce management that HROne’s WFM module takes care of:

  • Employee Confirmation
  • Employee Separation
  • Employee Exit
  • Workforce Insights
  • By providing in-depth workforce insights including the movement pulse to keep count of how many employees left the organization and how many new joinees are there in a given span of time. This data supports decision making by analysing the attrition rate, reason for quitting the job and taking preventive measures to control the same. HROne also gives you a peek into the bad hires that left the organization before completing probation period, observe such trends and make changes in the WFM system accordingly.
  • When you use HROne Workforce Management Software, you run the entire employee lifecycle on autopilot with ease, and spend less time on HR operations and more time on human interactions. It makes the lives of employees as well as HRs simplified like never before.
  • HROne workforce management software experts are available in Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, Vijayawada. However, because the HCM suite is available all over India, the HROne experts are ready to come visit your office.

That’s just the beginning…

Employee Database

Create employee profiles with a click of button, upload documents safely. Use our global search tool as simple as Google search to view any profile.

Access rights

Restrict who can view your employee database, based on their roles and requirements.

Task Owners

Decrease the dependency on HR, map a role to the task owner to auto initiate a task.


Configure your Confirmation and Separation policy at organization, department or specific role level.


Layout a comprehensive checklist for Onboarding, Clearance and BGV. Choose from existing templates or customize your own.


Simplify your workload, select from our repository of letter templates or draft your own for Offer, Probation, Probation extension, Confirmation, Resignation and Relieving.

Feedback Templates

Configure Feedback templates for confirmation and exit interviews, choose from the question bank or add a new question.


Define Workflows for Confirmation, Separation and Clearance process. No juggling between departments.

Misc Letters

Now have the freedom to draft and publish letters as per your requirements, not restricting to any predefined template.


Upload employee data in bulk using master template excels.


Get access to 20+ reports.


Why Choose Workforce Management Software by HROne?

For most of the companies, a workforce management system is in their easily skippable list. And, that’s because they are not aware of the fact that Organizations who have a standardized people management process witness 62% greater productivity, and 50% greater new hire retention. When you use HROne Workforce management software, you run the entire employee lifecycle on autopilot.

HRs get to use predefined policies or configure new policies, letters, templates and manage the employee database, give access rights, fix task owners and more in a breeze. CXOs get a clear picture of workforce trends and fetch reports.

Manage employee lifecycle with ease and spend less time on HR operations and more time on human interactions with our HCM suite.