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Plan, run, track projects, and everyday tasks with a new age super intuitive and ridiculously simple to use Professional Services Automation Platform.

  • Get more done in less time and money.
  • Balance hours and expense.
  • Cut down on your stress
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Introducing ProjectOne By HROne

First PSA suite pairing work OS and project management like they were meant to be. Our purpose-built suite for professional service industry and hybrid teams leads you, your teams and the clients- all towards better things via a compendium of these six.

Master Settings

Prepare for customer success. EVERY MOMENT

StarCost per hour

Use role rate cards in your preferred currency to determine how much any project/ new client work would cost you.

StarProject and task fields

Set structure for every project and task with fields like code , name, description, budget, tags and more. For every field, you decide if you want it to be visible to or editable by everyone or the owner.

StarProject sub status & task sub type

What do you want the labels to say– To do, In progress, Under Review, Approved and so on? Or something else? You can mention the flow here.


Project comments, tasks, team rights, subtask— For all these and more, decide if you want to Notify via push notification, email notification, both or none at all.

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Sticky notes, reminders, scattered tasks. NO MORE

StarBulk task import

To save you time, ProjectOne also gives you the option to bulk import the tasks from an excel. The system can automagically read and map the details accordingly

StarCustomise board

Define the stages in your project, choose from the available board names, reorder and apply. You can also use the dropdown available with every task to change the task stage

StarCreate and tag tasks

Create tasks defining stage, duration, estimated efforts, owner, and also tag tasks as you like

StarUse Task filter

Put task filter to see all the tasks under a given. particular task name, priority, status, assigned to, owner and more

StarAdd quick and sub task

Add quick tasks for all the mandatory fields with speed mentioning the estimated efforts. A great option to align all those ad hoc tasks

ProjectOne + HROne

Only thing better than ProjectOne

  • Due to the after effects of pandemic, we are losing connection— at workplaces with colleagues, manager, and most with the employers. Project one and HROne integration combines the power of PSA suite and HCM suite making one platform your single source of truth to manage employees, hybrid teams and client projects.
  • With the sole intent to increase productivity, profitability, and create delightful experiences for everyone who interacts with your organisation. Because, Closing a project. Winning a new client EASY. Retaining them while maintaining your P&L. Not so EASY.
  • With HROne’s supremely functional and highly intuitive mobile app, everything gets even better— you and your people get to do more from anywhere, anytime.
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Visibility, Accountability and Collaboration. AT BEST

StarTeam members

Assign team members using the shortcut available on the project dashboard

StarControl visibility

Decide on who can edit and view what in master settings. You can always update the settings if you want to make any changes

StarCheck progress/ activity log

See the activity log, every action taken on the project dashboard to better prack the progress and nudge in case you notice delays from any task owner


Analyse and improve operations, DRAMATICALLY.


Get real time insights like open v/s close tasks, estimated v/s actual efforts,project value, budget expense and hours in budget to peak profitability

StarTask and project details

As the title says for itself, these reports show the tasks and project details

StarOn duty request

Get every small to big details of matter related to on duty raised by employees for projects

StarExpense reports

Get details of all the amount type and mileage type expense receipts created in the system separately to keep everything incheck

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Loved By Your Teams & Clients, EQUALLY!