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HROne helpdesk management software for simplified yet efficient ticket resolution

Track and resolve every ticket timely with our helpdesk software, making your employees as happy as your customers!

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“Immediately customer helpdesk and ticket reslolution- 24 hours SLA always met ”

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Ticketing Policy

Every employee raises the issue & gets resolution at his desk

Make a policy for tickets

Create as many policies as you need- name and assign it while defining the work hours and setting the days on which the issue would not be resolved like on a Friday or Saturday.

Set Ticket assignment rule

For every policy you make, map it to the right department(s) and the individual(s) so that the ticket is not left to whine for long.

See tickets being auto-assigned

Every issue finds its resolver automatically who addresses the problem in time with our HROne ticketing system.

Helpdesk Management Software Dashboard

Ticket Resolution

No employee issue goes for a toss anymore

Escalation matrix

Entitle the employees to mark the priority as low, medium or high for every ticket they raise so that the resolver doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

TAT and due date

Mention the number of due days and TAT for every escalation matrix so that the issue is resolved in the expected time frame.

Auto Escalation of the problem further

For every policy created, a senior is mapped for the time when due date for the resolution or TAT has passed. The same is done to make sure each of your employee gets a solution.

Ticket chat option

With every ticket raised, there come an option to chat with the resolver while the agent can use canned messages to save time.

Helpdesk Management Ticket Resolution

Agent Review

Know how helpful the solution was

Feedback Request

After a ticket is closed, the employee is asked for the feedback.

Give ratings

The employee can rate the agent after checking if the issue raised has been solved rightly or not.

Motivate Resolver

Whether the rating is good or bad, the rating keeps the agent motivated while taking corrective steps for improving the solution he provides.

Gauge Satisfaction

Measure the employee satisfaction to an extent by letting the employee rate the solution.

Helpdesk Management Agent Review


Get holistic view of the tickets

Check the ticket stats

Know the number of open tickets, the category that receives most of the tickets and more.

See the 12 month trend

Our best HR Software provides the 12-month trend in the helpdesk tab allowing you to see the open and closed tickets for every month.

Badge the top agents

Identify the monthly top agents and badge them for the same. Integrated with our Performance and Payroll software for reward and recognition.

Look at the ticket ageing

Every ticket has a different closing time, with this option, you can check the ticket ageing i.e. how long the ticket remained unresolved.

Insights Ticket Min

Opt for a fully-featured helpdesk that gets work done.

Make the intelligent choice and improve your ticket resolution time and process with the best HR Software.