HR Glossary

OKR (Objectives And Key Results)

OKR (Objective and key results) is a system used by Google and others to set, monitor, and evaluate their employees’ performance. It is a tool that fosters engagement and makes measurable and feasible goals. They are tracked, set and monitored frequently, usually quarterly. The process is used to bring out the best of the perspective and creativity of every team.

Originally, the concept has spread from Intel to other Silicon Valley companies. Google has adopted the method in 1999 when it had 40 employees.

For instance, first of all, you need to decide the objective, say, it is improving the customer experience. To make the objective we have set, measurable, we will then define the key result areas.

So, OKR will be-

Better social media presence.

Key Result Area:
Improve reach from Y to Z.
Increase engagement from Y to Z.
Increase the number of mentions from Y to Z.