Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

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For an organization to run smoothly they require an impeccable team of human resource professionals who help sail the organization while its employer and employees enjoy the breeze.

What is HRMS

HRMS (human resource management system) is a software tool that has helped and changed the way HR department used to function. HRMS has modernized the traditional business set-ups as now the employees can manage and look after their payslips, leave and attendance, personal information, perks and benefits etc on their own. In the past, the HRs used to be flooded with employee complaints but now employees can raise their issues by using their personal profile provided under HRMS software and can raise issue that can straight go to the concerned department. With great user experience and software being on-cloud, through HRMS, now offsite employees can mark their attendance from anywhere through HRMS mobile application. HRMS has helped employees being more productive and mobile.

HR professionals on the other hand can now put their energies on recruiting and retaining great talent that helps in company’s growth and stability. HR role of today is not comprised in the admin department but on field in uplifting employee engagement. Employer is at the biggest advantage if they use HRMS as they save money and time by streamlining their business through the software. They get detailed data and trends on employee behavior and performance through performance management that provides a bird’s eye view of each employee performance. They can do better future planning through these data and can fill the gaps in the company quicker. Employer through HRMS has correct knowledge of what’s happening in their company than ever before.

Besides this an HRMS solution is highly secure and private. Only the management has full access to the confidential data. The information stored in HRMS is highly sensitive and important for the company and a good HRMS solution uses secure transmission as well as SSL systems that encrypts the data as it gets transferred through Internet.

HRMS has many modules some of them are as follows:

  • Managing payroll
  • Recruitment and on-boarding
  • ESS
  • Performance management
  • Leave and attendance
  • Learning and training management
  • Travel and expense management
  • Workforce management
  • Helpdesk management
  • Asset management
  • Social media
  • FNF

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