Best Payroll Software in Mumbai

Best Payroll Management Systems In Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most progressing cities in India and home to multiple industry types. When it comes to streamlining the payroll and HR functions, it must move past using obsolete technology that digitises more and automates less.

HROne payroll software in Mumbai is on a mission to help the HRs, employees and stakeholders do it correctly and quickly with high level of transparency. The 3D diagnostic payroll report does the work of error identification for you, allows the employees to download payslip, stakeholders to check payroll spends and other reports.

Most importantly, in the fast paced metropolitan life, it helps you process salaries before time giving you the work-life balance that you always wished to attain.

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Best Payroll Software In Mumbai

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HROne- Best Payroll Management Software In MumbaiHere are some of our 5 star features that speak volumes on how we differ

Our Payroll Software Company In Mumbai

HROne is considered as the best payroll management software in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and across India because of its revolutionary product, ofcourse. But, what we believe plays an even important role in making us so loved in India is our underlying vision and mission as a payroll software provider in Mumbai and other cities in India-

Bringing B2C application experience to the B2B application. To elaborate it further, we have marked our physical presence locally in India in various cities including Mumbai to ensure we are able to fulfill our promise of #GlobalToLocalHCM company.

We would love for you to experience what it feels like using a global level well integrated payroll software. Get in touch with our experts in person or virtually by sharing a few details below.

Mumbai Office

HROne- Competitive Payroll Software Provider In Mumbai The extraordinary payroll suite that automates HR functions end-to-end

Why Hrone Is Best

Core HR

We never ask you to change, instead we make our system so configurable that it works as per you. You can set as many policies, rules and workflows you like.

  • Organisation Structure
  • Employee Database
  • Access Rights
  • Roles and Workflows
  • Audit Trail
  • HROne Joy
  • HR Communications
  • Notifications
  • Employee Information
  • Know Your Employees
Why Hrone Is Best


Now you get no worry lines in managing the employees during their entire journey. At each stage, HROne takes care of them like you take care of your customers.

  • Confirmation
  • Separation
  • Exit
  • Insights
Why Hrone Is Best


With HROne, best payroll management software in Mumbai and India, you would be able to close positions in the desired turnaround time, and also engage candidates in an optimal way.

  • Job Opening
  • Recruiter assignment
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Life Cycle
  • Interview
  • Offer letter
  • Candidate Engagement
Why Hrone Is Best

Time office

Zero manual intervention required from your end, HROne takes good care of time tracking and scheduling.

  • Leaves
  • Attendance
  • Overtime
  • Holidays
  • Shifts
  • Work Timings
  • Paid Days
  • Clocking Time
  • Arrear Days
  • Mobile App
Why Hrone Is Best


Get prepared to bridge the gap between goal setting and its accomplishment. Now, the goals get created, reviewed frequently, and accomplished, everytime!

  • Goal Settings
  • Continuous Feedback
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Reviews
  • 9 Box Matrix
  • Insights
  • Employee & Team Performance
  • Mobile App
Why Hrone Is Best


Employees stay genuinely happy as they get timely appreciated, rewarded and checked upon, leading to growth in outcome and morale.

  • Mootbots
  • Badges
  • Rewards
  • HR Posts
  • Announcement
  • Analytics
Why Hrone Is Best


Extensive flexibility, smark check to address discrepancies- that’s HROne expense module in a nutshell. Forget double entry and fraud, and all braced to witness well timed, accurate expense management.

  • Flexi Policy
  • Receipts
  • Payouts
Why Hrone Is Best


Your assets’ whereabouts are always a click away with HROne. Basically, your entire lifecycle is managed in the best manner.

  • Asset management
  • Update inventory
  • Asset Request & Return
  • Asset allocation
  • Insights
Why Hrone Is Best


Our payroll software system in Mumbai can help save more time when you club it with Helpdesk. It’s one of its kind ticketing system that manages queries and concerns of employees.

  • Ticket Creation
  • Ticket Resolution
  • Agent Ratings
  • Insights

Why Get an Integrated Payroll Software System In Mumbai? It’s time to make all your HR functions interact…

Your payroll software delivers the best results, greater level of efficiency and more time for you to take part in strategic decisions than the operational ones only when it is integrated with other modules.

HROne succeeds in fulfilling all the above-mentioned things as it integrates 9 other modules with your payroll software in Mumbai or any other city in India. Clearly, when your people operations are also in sync, chances of errors or time wastage stand futile.

Modules like recruitment, expense, workforce, performance, attendance software, and more when integrated with the payroll system ensure ample of automation benefits like-

  • Auto compilation of payroll data
  • Auto preparation of salary revision letters
  • Easy increment calculation and sync with salary breakup
  • Auto triggers appointment letter task, once new joiner salary breakup is done
  • 3D view reconciliation report highlighting differences and issues in payroll
  • Readily available payroll reports, auto shared/ accessible to stakeholders
  • Auto triggers FNF task once resignation is approved
  • Auto reimburses the expenses once approved during payroll
  • Power to define flexi component in the salary breakup to save tax and a lot more

These Exclusives Make Us The Best Payroll Software In Mumbai