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Oben Thumbnail

“You must look for a solution where you can tie all the gaps that you might come across when strategizing from an HR perspective. HROne is a one-stop solution for all your HR requirements.”

Aseem Mishra
– Director, Human Resources at Oben Electric
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“HROne’s employee feedback mechanisms have made it easy for us to understand our employee mindset. It empowers us to take quick, correct decisions about employee engagement, compensation, and overall wellnes”.

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Head, Human Resources at Hical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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“HROne has cut 90% of the manual, administrative effort for our HR function. Our HR team now spends more time interacting with employees, getting more involved in management decisions, and working as HR business partners in the true sense.”

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Chaya B
Head, Human Resources at Online Instruments
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“The HROne team, apart from providing a quality product, also provides responsive and timely support. For Vestige, this is how HROne has become an integral part of our HR transformation journey.”

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Aseem Nath Tripathi
Head – HRD

“HROne has done a great job. It has changed the whole game of payroll management by equipping us to manage and process payroll in just a few clicks. Also, the survey module helped our HR team to make necessary and immediate changes. The entire software, configuration, support and knowledge– one word– FANTASTIC!”

Rajeev Fia
Mr. Rajeev Kumar Jha
Vice President- HR

“HROne has improved our employee engagement activities, making our employees feel considered and recognized. Also, the system has made our operations 100% paperless. It also saves a lot of time and energy on processing payroll, recruitment, attendance management, and more. ”

Akansha Jeas
Akansha Sharma
HR Head

“Choosing HROne proved to be one of the best decisions for us, the system has improvised HR functions efficiency, allowed transparency in the organization and made our employees connected with its powerful yet simple ESS and mobile app. Your data, people and processes – all are well taken care of by this one integrated solution!”

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Subhasish Ghorui,
Head HR, Usha Breco Pvt. Ltd.
Card Image Cap

“HROne helped in achieving the automated system with zero human intervention that allowed the employees to access the data recorded even for the field employees at any point of time. It has a user-friendly interface that diminished our concern of if the employee would be able to adapt the application.”

Vinod Vtl
Vinod Sharma
HR Head

“The most likable element about the HROne mobile app is the QR code as it helps me to login easily without having to type the credentials. Applying for leaves and marking attendance is such a breeze now!”

Ajinkya Kamble
Executive- People Operations

“The basic thing that I find is it is user friendly, anyone who has not been acquainted with HROne can get acquainted in a day or so. The clap is an interesting feature which helps the employee to boost their morale and feel appreciated”

Pooja Verificient
Ms. Pooja Pathak
HR Lead
Premier Energies

“It is good that the factory team leaders are engaging on the HROne platform congratulating each other on their achievements. The overall connectivity with the broadcasting features has helped us move ahead with our internal goal of automation. It is making the life of HR easier by making the process more robust.”

Niyathi Premier
Ms.Niyathi Madasu
CHRO, Premier Energies

“HROne allowed us to customize and create our workflows. Since it covers all the HR core modules, we were able to carry out every HR operation effectively while working from home.”

Mr. Tanay Chothani
Hirect Thumbnail

“After implementing HROne we witnessed significant changes in our employee management capabilities.HROne helped us in moving from Whatsapp to the EMS system for better performance management and recruitment processes.”

Abhishek Popli
Abhishek Popli,
Vice President BD and Growth at Hirect
Wow Skincare Thumbnail

“HROne offered Method to Madness. Our foundation has put into the place. After complete automation, we don’t have to scrounge through multiple files for an employees’ data.”

Smriti Khanna
VP HR WOW Skin Science

“Total digital experience with mobile app, cost competitiveness and flexibility and capability of HROne made us confident to streamline our HR operations of different units spread across 20+ locations. ”

Kumar KrishnaSwamy
HR Head, Asia Healthcare Holdings
Card Image Cap

“The success of any HCM suite largely depends on its adaptability by employees, I highly recommend HROne for its user friendliness and simplicity. The services and support provided by HROne is exemplary, overall I will rate it 8.5 on a scale of 10.”

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Surabhi Sanchita Pic
Surabhi Sanchita,
Head – Human Resources, Barcode India

“HROne software has, undoubtedly, taken 99% of the HR burden off our shoulders. After-sale support is just amazing. We get quick responses whenever we are stuck or are confused. ”

Sebastian Infidigit
Mr. Sebastian Fernandes
HR Manager
Card Image Cap

“With HROne, our employees now see the HR function as more friendly, personalized, and professional. An impeccable product-to-process fit and exceptional customer support make HROne a valued partner in our transformation journey”

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Rajeev Fia
Mr. Rajeev Kumar Jha
Vice President- HR

“We are able to perform all routine HR activities and processes more efficiently using HROne. It has resolved all our shift management challenges. Also, employees no longer have to reach out to the HR department for every trivial query.”

Harsha Palwe,
Asst Manager, HR

“As a leading Insurance Broking Company, we were actively looking for an all-in-one HCM Suite to do away with the manual intervention in every HR operation. Moreover, offering our employees an extraordinary user experience was always a primary concern that we wanted to resolve. HROne has proved to be the right choice for us!”

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Renewbuy Pic
Sulbha Rai,
Chief People Officer, Renewbuy

“HROne has become one of the major mediums we send our communication through in remote set up. The system is very easy to navigate which encourages the employees to login and play around with the tools. The mobile application has also helped communicate with each employee even without a laptop”

Sakshi Sula
Ms.Sakshi Gupta
GM, People Operations
Card Image Cap

“HROne offers the much-needed flexibility to customize workflows per our organizational policies. Furthermore, it backs it up with a strong support system for helping us throughout the implementation and even after that.”

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Ashish Chandolia
Senior Director, HR
Safe And Secure

“HROne helped in establishing a system that records attendance and streamlines data. It has been a time, cost efficient application which provides us the data record for employees working on and off field.”

Safesecure Ankita
Ankita Sharma
HR Head

“We are happy we chose HROne. From supporting remote working to improving the overall engagement levels, HROne has been creating a positive impact on our entire workforce. Truth be told, HROne is a small bomb making a lot of noise.”

Raja Ram Kumar
Senior Manager – Human Resources
Card Image Cap

“We wanted a solution that could make our current HR processes more efficient and that gave us ample time to focus more on business strategy and our people. Overall happy with the final outcome!”

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Healthcare Pic
Rolli Saxena
GM, Human Resources
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“With HROne Mobile First HCM, we have been able to completely streamline employee tracking, compliance management, recruitment, and other HR functions making work life much simpler for our employees. The round-the-clock support service & quick problem resolution even during the lockdown by Team HROne is commendable, I would rate the overall experience 9 out of 10.”

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Gaurav Bhardwaj
Senior HR Manager – Elementia Wellness Pvt. Ltd.
Card Image Cap

“HROne is a preferred and trusted partner for all our HR Needs. It has helped us foster a strong employee connect that was missing earlier.”

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Amulya MS
Director- HR, Utthunga Technologies
Mms Holdings Thumbnail

“As we expanded, our on-server software was unable to cater to our needs. We switched to HROne which was ready to use, cloud-based with mobile app HRMS suite to cater all our needs from payroll processing to recruitment management”

Nandini Vijasimha
Nandini Vijasimha,
Director, Human Resources, MMS Holdings
Card Image Cap

“For us, the most important aspect in an HCM platform is employee-friendliness. HROne provided us with an employeefriendly and employer-friendly platform that has helped us in making the transition from a predominantly manual HR department to a future-ready organisation.”

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Priyanka Kapoor
HR Manager
Card Image Cap

“We wanted to assure our employees are happy and have a flawless experience with Studds, Kudos to HROne for transforming our Employee Life cycle and making it more painless and faster than we expected. ”

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Surender Singh
Head-HR, Studds Accessories Ltd.

“As a user, I can say the system is very simple, fast and glitch-free. HROne has helped us to automate every routine human resources operation. Most importantly, the HROne mobile app has made attendance marking acutely convenient for every employee.”

Esha Droom
Ms. Esha Aggarwal
Sr. Manager
Card Image Cap

“As a growing startup, we were looking for a holistic solution that could automate our HR functions, bring visible benefits in terms of cost savings and lower down employee queries. Alliance with HROne has been nothing short of a boon for us, our brand value has improved along with more structured HR processes and Human accounting. ”

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Abhishek Gupta,
HR & IT Manager @InstaPizza

“HROne has served and supported our entire team in this testing time. The feed-social wall is one of the best features of HROne that includes every vital information, from birthdays of employees to appreciating posts, in a single space. We no longer have to reach out to every employee in person to inform or congratulate them.”

Supriya Jai Nath Ram
HR Manager
Card Image Cap

“HROne MobileFirst HCM has helped us automate our entire HR functions end to end be it -Time & Attendance, Payroll, Recruitment, Training or Workforce Management. Not just our productivity spiked, the level of satisfaction among employees has also risen manifold.”

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Anil Sharma
Head- Human Resources ~ Shyam Metalics Group of Industries

“We wanted to not be person dependent but process dependent. HROne came in at the right time for us. To share one, our engagement increased from 25 to 125%. I am a passionate HROne user.”

Naresh Caliber
Mr.Naresh Khagupati
HR Manager

“HROne has been more pivotal in our transformation journey, it has made us 3x efficient in our administrative HR functions with its smooth automation experience and mobile app! We love it!”

HR Manager
Altum Credo

“HROne makes the employees feel heard. HROne’s badges feature has infact helped us grow our employee engagement exponentially! We want to be a no-mail company and HROne is helping us with the same immensely.”

Vinod Altum
Mr. Vinod Bharne
Card Image Cap

“We wanted a solution that could collaborate data, functions andHR processes at 700+ locations flawlessly. The experience with HROne had been amazing and one that I would recommend.”

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Preetam Debasish Sahoo
DVP, Human Resources

“Leave management has always been our biggest challenge. Thanks to HROne for simplifying the process for us. Using the software, we save a large chunk of time and money.”

VP, Human Resources

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