A Day In The Life Of An HR Software

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Day In The Life Of An Hr Software

Hi! This is not your regular HRMS software, it’s the best one. But, it’s the first time you are going to hear about a regular day in the life of an HR software in its own words. 

My name is HROne, an enterprise-ready HCM suite, and this is my everyday story.

From the very first stage of the employee lifecycle, I am constantly on my toes to not only make the lives of the workforce simpler but also better. Be it Day-1 or the last working day of an employee, I am his/her constant companion throughout the journey. Such is my scope of work and the extensive need in an organization. That’s why businesses always run after making advancements in the overall HR technology and focus greatly on my upgradation.

If you go and ask for the best HR software of my kind available in the market, it consists of the following integrated modules/ software that help in facilitating all-inclusive HR operations:

  1. Recruitment Management Software 
  2. Attendance Management Software 
  3. Performance Management Software 
  4. Payroll Management Software 
  5. Employee Engagement Software  

Let me now walk you through the major daily scenarios where my aforementioned HR parts are required:

If The HR Needs To Hire New Employees 

Whenever there is a vacant position in the organization, I am the first one to come to everyone’s mind. I can easily automate recruitment and hiring-related tasks such as posting a job opening, delegating work fairly, sourcing candidates and sending offer letters. So, from shortlisting resumes, and updating candidate data to scheduling and organizing interviews, my recruitment module takes care of it all until a suitable employee is hired.

When Tracking Attendance Is A Challenge

Once the employees are enrolled in my system, my responsibility is to handle their time & attendance process. Imagine employees coming to the office punctually & regularly and nothing to keep track of the same for a fair monthly payout. There will be a humongous hike in queries and TNA (Time & Attendance) grievances. This is where my traits of the best HR software come into the picture. Organizing leaves & holidays, shift timings/clock time and attendance data, overtime calculations, evaluating the number of paid days and arrear days are all a small part of my job. 

In Case of Productivity/Performance Assessment

Now comes the important part of tracking and evaluating employee performance. Without this procedure, the professional lives of employees would be worthless. So, I create and help them achieve their goals through various means. The different features of my performance management system include continuous feedback, 360-degree feedback, reviews, 9 box matrix, and in-depth & valuable insights to assess productivity and performance. The data collected is then analyzed and used to reward the outperformers and upskill the underperformers.

That Time of The Month Employees Wait For

Yes, I am talking about the salary deposit! Employees trust me firmly on the payroll processing and eagerly wait for a fair and timely payout on the payday. The payroll management software is my strongest asset because of the outstanding features. For instance, I am responsible for making payroll 100% error-free and compliant with the government norms. Besides, I give options of a detailed structure, salary verification, acknowledging payroll queries, maintaining tax compliances, and providing payout insights. 

When The Workforce Needs A Morale Boost

This one is a lesser-known fact about my ‘best HR software’ functionalities. Commonly known as employee engagement or employee empowerment, I make sure that the workforce of the organization feels motivated to work. Out of the many ways, amplifying human interactions, making employees feel valued, and maintaining happiness at the workplace through mood bots, badges, and rewards are some of my biggest employee engagement techniques. 

Thus, I’m an all-in-one package and a one-stop solution for anyone looking to enhance the overall HR efficiency.

Make your HR Software fun and easy!

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