Employee Lifecycle

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Employee lifecycle is basically the tracking journey of an employee in an organisation. Some employees spend few years and some spend a lifetime in a company, it is HR’s job to track them and make employee’s journey an enjoyable and satisfying one.

Usually employee lifecycle is divided into 5 stages:

  • Recruitment: This process starts in a company for the employee even before he has joined the firm. HR team looks out for great talent and new recruits for their company via job portals or in-house recruitment software followed by interview and joining letter. It is first and a stepping stone for an employee in a company.
  • Onboarding: it is a part where an employee gets assimilated with company culture and values. The employee gets onboard and is introduced to the actual job duties to be held along with company policies. It is the settling period of an employee.
  • Career development: In today’s times where every individual looks out for instant gratification, looks for same in their work place as well. If they are performing well then the employer must recognize their efforts. Today, most of us have pre-defined our career goals and the more ambitious we are the more efforts we put in. A company should help employees make their ambitions a reality by giving them right opportunities and leading platforms. Regular feedback, training and learning sessions are some of the engagement activities that an employer does for its employee’s career development.
  • Employee retention & recognition: maintaining your employee’s loyalty is essential for teams and company’s growth. Good incentives, perks and benefits are key basics to retaining your talented pool. A good raise for an impressive work boosts the confidence of employees and ignite them to do better ad shape their career’s well. The company on the other hand should regularly evaluate and train their employees to remain productive. Right succession planning happens when you have achieved to retain your loyal and productive staff with the company for years.
  • Offboarding: it is the final stage of an employee in employee lifecycle. They may be switching for a better opportunity through a job change, going for further studies, have been expelled or any other reason and hence, its an end to their cycle in that particular company. The HR role here is very crucial and a smooth off-boarding results in making good PR relations as the employee will reflect your work ethics in some other company. A happy exit means a win-win for employee and employer alike.

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