360 Degree Feedback

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360 degree feedback is an overall feedback process assessed by your seniors, peers, and even by customers. They evaluate by going through your performance report (whether you have achieved your KPI), personality, and value addition to the organization.

You receive an analysis of yourself through an outside perspective and how professionals perceive you.

A 360 degree overview helps an individual in improving his work, personality and increases healthy communication among team members.

A word of caution for assessing 360 degree feedback is that one must not link this assessment with performance appraisal as it may lead to biases.
Thus, constructive feedback like this one should be taken in one’s stride.

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In this glossary, we cover-

Let’s look at them one at a time.

360 Degree Feedback Process

As the word suggests, 360 degree feedback includes feedback from all the stakeholders involved like subordinates, clients, supervisors, other departments as well. It also covers self-evaluation. It is tough to ask everyone individually about the performance of an individual on a particular task and so performance management software is often used to release 360 degree feedback questionnaire in the form of pop-ups or a detailed 360 degree feedback survey for rich feedback.

360 Degree Feedback Benefits

The main goal is to improve the work quality and pat the ones who are already excelling at what they do. Other 360 Degree benefits can be an increase in confidence, self-awareness, accountability. Moreover, it also helps in creating an open culture and reduces turnover. It also empowers leaders.

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