[Real Use Cases] Why HROne Attendance And Leave Software Is The Best?

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Why Hrone Attendance And Leave Software Is The Best

Back in 2021, The New York Times published how Amazon failed to streamline their attendance and leave management software. Loopholes in the system led to underpayment and termination of many employees in the organisation, thereby shaking their employee value proposition.

Not just Amazon, but many companies small or big faces glitches in their time and attendance software. To dig deep into their problems, we surveyed various industry leaders, startups, and MSMEs and found that HROne attendance and leave management software could be their one-stop solution.

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In this blog, let’s discuss how the HROne attendance and leave management software can simplify various related activities of attendance.

Why choose HROne Attendance and Leave Management Software

  1. Eases Attendance Policy and Procedure
  2. Simplifies Leave Policy for Employees
  3. Effortlessly set up Check-In/ Check-Out System
  4. Define Weekly off and Holiday Calendar
  5. Effective Shift Change Policy and Procedure
  6. Attendance Reports for Management

How to mark attendance with HROne

  1. From Office Premises
  2. From Remote Locations
  3. Correct backdated Clock-in/ Clock-Out Times

Why Choose HROne Attendance And Leave Management Software

Every organisation, irrespective of size, seeks to automate its attendance-related tasks with tech-based applications. We won’t disagree that there are multiple attendance tracking software available online to resolve attendance issues. 

However, after intensive surveys and exploring various use cases of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, we found that HROne attendance and leave management software can be implemented in every sector. 

Attendance and Leave Software Kit

Attendance Templates, Policies, Checklists and more

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Let us find out how HROne can make HRs’, managers’ and CXOs’ life easy with its Time Office module.

HROne: Employee Attendance Policy And Procedure 

HROne is trusted by the organisations involved in setting strict working hours like that of call centres as well as merchandise companies looking for flexible time settings. Whether managing overtime or compensatory offs, HROne covers everything in its set-up of Attendance Policy.

Let us discover how HROne is streamlining attendance procedure management:

  • Offers “Set up once and automate forever” approach for attendance cycle where you can define applicability, cycle and basis of calculation of cycle too
  • Provides features for flexible and strict policies, where working hours or days, and check-in and check-out time can be pre-defined
  • Assists in streamlining ‘late coming and early going’ by letting you set up deductions, run late and early rule, grace days, penalty based on shifts, minimum working hours for half and full day
  • Serves features to set up Compensatory off policy like enable or disable comp off on selected days, set up an expiry date, comp off days and more
  • Ensures hassle-free Overtime policy enablement by letting you define minimum working hours and overtime rules along with break deduction
  • Notify employees of continuous absenteeism by sending alerts, depending on the defined number of absent days after which alert will be sent (daily, weekly, monthly)

P.S. HRs need no employee attendance policy sample or free attendance policy templates to set up their policy with HROne for present and absence management. You only need to tick the options in their attendance management software, and voila!

Raj Kumar Medha Quote On Automated Attendance System
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HROne: Leave Policy For Employees 

Let us have a look at how HROne ensures that the leave tracking and policy of the company is in place:

  • Create multiple leave types and define applicability according to organisational structure
  • Clearly define leave types by specifying leave name, cycle, type (paid or unpaid), encashment allowed or not, eligibility based on employee status, gender or ESI, and Credit rule
  • Avoid confusion and automate requests for leave, by setting up the number of requests allowed per tenure, year, or month, as well as the minimum and a maximum number of leaves allowed per request. You can also allow for backdated leaves, with associated penalties

HROne assures to resolve problems of leave policy, especially in case of new joiners’ policy set-up. Additionally, HROne saves HRs from the hassles of the approval process of bulk leaves at years’ end when employees tend to utilise all of their sick or casual leaves.

P.S.: Short Leave can be easily pre-defined with HROne to further maintain attendance records without any confusions

HROne: Set Up Check-In/ Check-Out System

HROne can make your check-in policy easy to apply whether you mark attendance with a biometric system, mobile or website in your organisation. Both on-site and off-site employees’ check-in and check-out can be easily managed with one system.

Let us discover how HROne attendance and leave management software can streamline check-in policy-

  • Choose the applicable platform for check-in/out- it could be web-based or mobile as per our organisational needs (P.S.: Mobile punching offers better flexibility)
  • Maintain discipline in your company, by setting up maximum punches allowed and restricting employees for marking attendance in defined time window
  • Utilise geo-fencing and geo tagging (GPS tracking) feature with IP validation for transparent check-in policy of on-site employees
  • Regularize attendance or allow for backdated attendance, (of course in the limit) by setting up a number of days, limit, and if they are allowed to correct attendance after the process is completed

P.S.: IP Validation with mobile check-in along with the on-site photo can assure check-in of employees in real-time

Using HROne, any employee will not be able to mark attendance with their location off. They can only do so when they are within their mapped location.
Jagadish Chandrashekaraiah, HR Head

HROne: Weekly Off And Holidays

HROne lets every company create their customised policies of weekly off and holidays. No matter how complicated, the segregated or tailored policy is, HROne offers different fields and options to accommodate sandwich offs, floating holidays, policy for 2nd and 4th Saturday offs and more. 

Let us look at significant features to define the weekly off and holiday calendar offered by HROne-

  • Define multiple weekly off policies and map the applicability relevant for departments, enterprises, companies or complete big or small business units
  • Configure settings for each week of the month and define if the day is a full or half
  • Create holiday bank specifying holiday date and type (National or Restricted)
  • Priorly edit the date as per festival if it is floating holiday list (like Eid which depends upon moon’s sight)
  • Make one or multiple holiday calendar as per departments, needs and structure of organisation

P.S.: Different calendar can be mapped with different departments, depending on their roles and responsibilities

The app and the website have a very user-friendly interface. The employees learnt everything at a faster pace because of it. Marking attendance, applying for leaves, OD, etc., is done within the mobile application.                             — Anushka Gupta, HR Manager

HROne: Shift Change Policy And Procedure

HROne is implemented by both IT and non-IT companies to define their shift management policy. Whether it is about tracking working hours of blue-collared in the manufacturing industry or maintaining shifts of the support team deployed to serve clients 24/7. HROne is suited to all.

Let us have a look at the major features offered by HROne to manage shifts- 

  • Pre-define Multiple Shift Policies, map them according to departments and improve employee and customer experience
  • Set the schedule for shift change once for each department- daily, weekly, monthly and automate the schedule further
  • Categorise shifts by defining code, colour and name of shift for ease of understanding and mapping
  • Alter shift timings- check-in, check-out, duration, hours to define halves of shift, and grace time to come late and go early as per requirements
  • Define shift allowance by setting up the frequency of payment, payout rate, maximum payouts to encourage employees 
  • Select the schedule for weekly offs in particular shift policy to maintain work schedules

P.S: Shift Scheduler to pre-schedule shift policies and calculate paydays accordingly.

Authentic in and out time is recorded on the HROne website or mobile application. We have faced a lot of technical issues with other software, such as auto-logout, issues with marking the attendance, etc., but with HROne, everything is done effortlessly. -Shubhangi Kesarwani, Manager HR

HROne: Attendance Reports (35+ Reports)

To keep a tab on everything related to attendance and leave management and further administer progress, HROne offers almost 40 reports to HRs, Managers and CXOs. In these reports, you can specify columns as per your organisational needs and get an overview of everything important.

Let us have a look at reports offered by HROne for insightful actions:

  • Monthly reports to show the details of all the monthly attendance, deductions, overtime details, paid days, shift roaster and total monthly working hours
  • Daily reports to provide the details related to attendance, the record of all the raw punches, and time office request
  • Overtime and Comp Off reports to show the details of overtime and comp offs like request raised by the employees
  • Attendance Regularisation Reports to provides all the attendance regularization and on duty request raised by the employees
  • Late Reports for late and early go details, and late duration and deduction done at the time of attendance process
  • Payday Reports for day-wise attendance status and consolidated attendance summary as per 25 format, attendance slips of all selected employees in a single PDF and details of paid days for the selected month
  • Arrear Reports to view arrear days, attendance status days, and related calculations
  • Leave Reports for complete summary of leaves entitled, credited, availed and balance for a selected leave type. There are reports for details of all the leave balance residing within the employees, leave balance summary month-wise and other 10+ reports

Bonus Reports:

  • Geolocation request
  • Mobile check-in request 
  • Restricted holidays request
  • Attendance penalty detail
  • Shift change history

How to Mark Attendance in HROne Attendance and Leave Management Software?

Marking attendance in HROne attendance and leave management software is an easy task. It can be done with the help of the web as well as a mobile app.

Your employees can clock in and clock out in the following ways-

Type 1: Marking attendance on a day-to-day basis from office premises

  1. Click ‘Mark Attendance’ on the Home Screen
  2. In-Time and Out-Time will be automatically fetched from system
  3. Submit Attendance

(Configure ‘Check-In’ policy to enable marking attendance of your employees)

Type 2: On Duty- For marking attendance from the client’s place or any other remote location

  1. Click on Request and raise a new request
  2. Select the On Duty option (on the top right corner of the screen)
  3. Select On Duty dates or range as per your needs
  4. State/ Choose Reason for Request, Start and End Time and mention comments if any
  5. Click on Add and then Submit your request for approval

(Your request for On-Duty will be sent for approval (either to reporting manager, HR, or more) as per pre-defined workflow)

Type 3: Attendance Regularisation- For correcting backdate in-time and out-time

  1. Click on Request and raise a new request
  2. Select the Attendance Regularisation option (on the top right corner of the screen)- in case you want to mark attendance for backdates
  3. Select the date from the calendar (you can select the range too.)
  4. Choose either- Forgot In, Forgot out or Both (as per your needs)
  5. Fill in dates, start- time and end-time
  6. Submit your request

(Your request for attendance regularisation will be sent for approval (either to reporting manager, HR, or more) as per pre-defined workflow)

Summing Up

HROne gives freedom to HRs, managers and all other employees to access their attendance and leave management software from anywhere on their mobiles. From shift swapping to payroll management, everything becomes smooth and streamlined with HROne.

Quick Insights to Never Miss Pending Tasks and track Attendance Trends

HROne assures that every HR remains up to date and never misses any task related to attendance and leave management. It offers a task insight dashboard to quickly view the pending tasks and complete them immediately be it short leave approval or verifying compensatory offs.
Additionally, CXOs can get insights into the trends related to attendance and leave management in their organisation- late coming and early leave, absent days, overtime and comp off-hours, on-duty trends, and punch source

If you are thinking to know more about HROne leave and attendance management system, then book a discovery call and request a free demo.

Make your Attendance Management fun and easy!

Learn how HROne Attendance Management software can help you automate Attendance Management & stay 100% compliant!

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