Geo Attendance your Way to Smart Attendance

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Geo Attendance

Management of employees’ attendance has come a long way from obsolete physical punching to card-based swiping and fingerprint scanning in recent times. But as the technology is evolving, there’s an even better way to manage the attendance of employees in an organization – Geo-attendance.

Geo-attendance aims to simplify the process of attendance tracking in an organization. Based on the GPS technology, the software tracks the location of the employee and if  the employee is present in the designated area (called Geo-fence) at the designated time, then the attendance is marked.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of using the Geo-Attendance over the traditional way of marking attendance:

Remote workers can easily mark their attendance

As opposed to fingerprint or card based attendance tracking system, there is no need for any infrastructure in this technology. An application can be installed on the employee’s smartphone which can be used to mark the attendance.

This is especially beneficial for tracking the attendance of field employees who work in remote locations and where attendance infrastructure is difficult to deploy. The organization will mark the Geo-fence for the employee and when the employee enters or leaves the premises (Geo-fence), his attendance will be taken care of automatically.

High level of customization is possible

Since there is no infrastructure and everything is done using a special application or web browser, it is easier for companies to make dynamic plans for employees. For example, an organization can set special shifts for an employee based on the location and whenever the employee reaches that location, the company will be notified and attendance will be marked.

Better insight  enables better decision making

During office hours, Geo-attendance can enable the organization to track all its employees and make decisions accordingly. This information can be accessed in real-time and hence is very useful specifically for the sales team. In an emergency situation, the organization can take a better and more informed decision with this data.

Positive employee experience

It is an easier and more comfortable way of marking attendance for the employees too, since they just have to enter in the Geo-fence instead of going to a particular machine and physically mark the attendance. Also, this technique is more reliable and hence ensures the employee that their attendance is properly recorded.

Easy integration with other modules

Geo-attendance systems can be easily integrated with the payroll system and leave modules of an organization leading to a smooth process of automatic payroll management. Similarly, other employee-related modules can be linked to it if required.

Efficient attendance tracking is crucial for all the organizations. Poor attendance maintenance can lead to inefficiency, loss of productivity and loss of clients for the organization which will ultimately hamper its growth and productivity. Hence, it is crucial to deploy the latest and best technology available for attendance management and that, in this case, will be Geo-Attendance system.

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