Compensatory Off

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Let’s look at them successively, one at a time.

Compensatory Off Meaning-

It is a leave that employees are entitled to take in a company on a working day as a compensation / in exchange of working on a non-working day i.e. Public holidays and weekends. In most cases, employees are asked to work overtime from their employer if there is something urgent.

How many days is a compensatory off valid?

Deciding the limit depends on the organisation, there are no mandatory number of days stipulated by Indian government for this.  Most companies prefer to make compensatory off available for upto 30 days.

Compensatory Off Rules-

When an employee is working on weekly off or public holiday-

If an employee works on a public holiday, he can avail comp off thievery next day or till the time comp off stands valid. Similarly, when the employee works on a weekend, if the person has genuinely come to the office to work, the same rule applies.

When an employee is on a  work tour on weekly off or public holiday-

If any weekly off or public holiday falls at the time when an employee is on a work tour or travel, he/she is given half day comp off. Please note that if the public holiday or weekly off is spent traveling it will not be considered a working day. Comp off will be given only for the time you meet clients or you are at the site.

In India, as per Indian Labor Laws you must not work 7 days a week. The factory’s act stipulates 48 hours of work in a week and on or 2 days off in a week.  Employees are entitled to receive overtime pay at double rate if they work beyond 48 hours.

How to request comp off in HROne?

Go to the requests section, click new request, mark a date on calendar you wish to apply comp off leave for. A section will open on the right side, select the type of leave i.e compensatory off in it, add comments if any and submit

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