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Leave Policy

Leave, time and attendance management is a part and parcel of the workflow of any organization. Employees just can’t live without leaves.

So, why not make the protocols for taking leaves crystal clear? Take a look at the free leave policy format by HROne.

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Key Highlights

Your employees should know the applicable terms and conditions before availing leaves. Hence, keeping the following points in the policy is a must:

What is a Leave Policy?


Employees must know about their paid leave days, number and types of holidays & leaves, and everything related to the leave, time & attendance norms. For this purpose, an elaborate document is prepared that delineates all possible procedures and protocols for the workforce to avail leaves. This set of guidelines is known as Leave Policy.

“Among employees who take a week or more of vacation, 65% say they feel strongly about working for their organization a year from now, compared to 51% who don’t take a week off.”

Why is a Leave Policy important?

Leave policy is extremely important so that the working professionals can understand the Dos and Don’ts while applying for leaves. Alos, it is necessary for the employees to not misuse the benefits of paid days and holidays by the organization. It helps to maintain a balance between employee productivity/performance and their satisfaction.

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So, if you also wish to make sure that your employees know their leave eligibility and availability process, download the free HROne leave policy sample now!