Absence Management

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Simply put, when an employee is on leave for a considerable amount of time and his work is assigned briefly to other employees until he comes back is known as absence management. Sometimes due to unavoidable reasons many employees can take leave for good number of days. In such conditions there are high chances of work being mismanaged or getting delayed. To stop this situation where the work is compromised, HR teams tell managers to allot other team members of the absentee to do the work for brief period.

Handling absence of employees diligently in an organisation by the HR reflects healthy work culture ethics. It is crucial that the HR represents the company in front of employees by providing support to the absent employee by genuinely providing support with their health issues and providing them work life balance on one hand. And on the other, making sure his work is directed wisely to other employees so asthey do not feel burdened by the additional task and company runs smoothly.

Following are the types of absences HR deals with:

  • Authorised leave: This includes maternity leave, paternity leave, annual leave, educational leave etc.
  • Unauthorised leave: Unauthorised absence is failing to turn up for work without good reason.
  • Sickness leave: this can be short term and long term.

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