Attendance Policy

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In order to avoid any discrepancies between the actual turnout and the projected attendance of employees in an organization, a documented set of rules are drafted. This is known as Attendance Policy, designed to track and reduce absenteeism, thereby improving the efficiency of employees. These regulations are generally shared through an appointment letter as terms and conditions/ agreement/ code of conduct at the time of joining. The employees have to follow certain norms and complete a particular number of hours every day to be marked Present.

A breach of the attendance policy leads to actions against the violator depending upon the severity of the cases. Such events are tracked by incorporating an effective Attendance Management Software like HROne in the system. Some common scenarios include:

  • Marked as Half Day for coming after/ leaving before the stipulated time or for not completing the specified hours inside the workplace
  • Marked as Absent in case of completing less than half a day or not showing up at all
  • A warning is given when there is frequent absenteeism
  • Termination of Service is the last option when there is consistent absenteeism even after being warned, and when the performance also starts deteriorating

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