Future of Work Reinvented: Need for ‘Cutting Edge’ Attendance Management Software

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Future Of Work Reinvented

An attendance management system is much more than recording the data of biometric machines and paying employees accordingly. 

What is Employee Attendance?

Employee’s presence at workplace in fixed work-hours decided by employer.

In the present scenario, most of the companies are adopting a hybrid work model. So, there is a dire need to reduce manual interventions and automate workflows to accommodate flexible work hours, gig work culture, and much more. In short, there is a need to formulate appropriate time and attendance systems to cater the new model’s needs.

But how?

Companies need the ‘cutting edge’ HRMS software to maintain the pace with changing culture and adequately manage the attendance system. 

In this article, let us explore the attendance management system, basic features, and how it can be redefined to reinvent the future of work.

Must have features in an Attendance Management System

Attendance management system comprehensively includes the policies related to shift rotation, holiday calendar, leave approval process, attendance arrears and much more. 

Before getting into the ‘cutting edge’ system, let us learn what a basic attendance management system looks like?

Key Features Of Attendance Management System
Future of Work Reinvented: Need for ‘Cutting Edge’ Attendance Management Software 1

Basic attendance management system must have the following features:

    1. Flexibility to configure leave policy and set leave credit scheduler.
    2. Minimal manual work to develop the attendance cycle as per the payday calculation process.
    3. AI-based system to define overtime and comp off policies of the organization.
    4. Freedom to make multiple calendars now and then as per different beliefs.
    5. Ability to edit the attendance of teams before final count and reports.
    6. Get a glimpse of present and absent days on a single dashboard.
    7. Integrated biometric attendance system to maintain the records of raw punches.
    8. Auto adjustment of paid days and process the salary accordingly.
    9. Smart bar graphs and pie charts to analyze the  attendance data. (overtime, compensatory off, work hours and more)

Beside the above mentioned features, the new age requires the latest technology based attendance management software. Let us explore why!

Productivity losses from missed work cost employers $225.8 billion, or $1,685 per employee, each year.”- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Why Need ‘Cutting-Edge’ Attendance Management System?

After the pandemic, both employers and employees are comfortable with a balance between work from home and work from office culture.  However, this new culture introduced new challenges for the corporate world demanding  high-end tech based solutions. 

Let us discuss some of the major challenges and the need of cutting edge solutions:

Challenge 1: Chaos of maintaining multiple shifts schedule

Many industries maintain multiple work schedules to serve specific clients as per their time zones. Additionally, the culture of flexible working hours became more prevalent and employees started working as per their team’s comfort zone amid the pandemic. So, this whole situation of flexible work hours creates difficulty for HRs to maintain multiple schedules and abide by old attendance management plans.

Solution: Auto Shift Scheduler in Attendance Management System

AI based auto shift scheduler lets HR departments automatically calculate paydays with minimal human interventions. By pre-scheduling monthly attendance processing, shift schedules, check in- check outs, etc. HRs can save many man-hours and ultimately avoid the chaos.

HROne’s Take: HROne offers features to configure enterprise level settings and set attendance schedules as per daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Challenge 2: Hustle of managing presenteeism and absenteeism in organisation

Both presenteeism and absenteeism impact the productivity, performance and experience of employees. The culture of taking unplanned or more than permitted leaves as well as always being present in an organization creates hustle- bustle for HRs and difficulty in management.

Solution: Multiple policy provision/ OU engine flexibility in Attendance Management System

The cutting-edge attendance management system offers multiple customisation options and OU engine flexibility to create various policy provisions. Based on performances and reviews, HRs can offer sabbatical leave, flexible schedules, and other perks to employees.

HROne’s Take: HROne offers ‘Short Leave’ feature to customise the short leave policy for their employees and the plus point is settings can be done as per the organisational units.

Challenge 3: Fuss in overtime payments, duplication, or late payment system

In any company, one of the all-time most common problems comes on salary day. HR’s mailbox is flooded with complaints related to less or missed overtime or compensatory payments. In the end, HR suffers from either manually handling the complaints or flipping between multiple spreadsheets.

Solution: Integration of attendance and payroll module and 3-dimensional report 

To resolve the issues of paydays, employee attendance management software must allow HRs to integrate payroll modules with the attendance system. Additionally, the system lets you define overtime and comp off policies, break deductions, and much more. If the system provides a hierarchical verification process of extra hours spent by employees, it would be cherry on top.

HROne’s Take: HROne allows employees to correct backdated attendance and get it approved as per the workflow defined within their attendance and time management system. Besides, the 3D report made after running a diagnostic check ensures everyone is paid the due amount in time.

Challenge 4:  Struggle to keep track of progress in remote locations/onsite work

Many jobs like that of architects, engineers, event planners, etc., demand onsite visits. Tracking their attendance and progress is a big challenge. Presently, this struggle is not limited to a few industries but for most industries due to unprecedented pandemic conditions. Monitoring the work of employees while they are working from home is not an easy task.

Solution: Mobile first Attendance Management System

If the attendance management system comes with the mobile version in this present era, it is no less than a magic wand for organizations. Employees’ onsite progress can be tracked easily, flexible work shifts can be managed without hassles, and biometric machines can be dumped when you have an attendance system with a mobile app in your company. Attendance management from wfh will be as easy as pie.

HROne’s Take: HROne is a truly mobile HCM. The mobile is like a replica of its web application.  Marking attendance, approving, rejecting leaves and more all can be done under 3 clicks!

Challenge 5: Dissatisfied reporting of various attendance parameters

Attendance management system is not only about marking and maintaining the records of employees present in a day. It is associated with revenue losses, arrears, statutory compliance, and much more. Having multiple software or various spreadsheets for various purposes associated with time and attendance management might lead to big blunders and lots of confusion.

Solution: Smart Dashboards offering insights of various parameters

The cutting-edge attendance management system offers a holistic view of associated parameters with the help of smart and intuitive dashboards. Companies can easily view the metrics and analyse them for corrective measures with effective attendance management software.

HROne’s Take: HROne offers ‘Time Office Dashboard’ to offer quick insight of employee’s attendance, leave overtime and comp-off trends. HRs and managers can also create analytics widget on their home screens to keep a tab on overtime, daily punch-ins, and more without having to navigate.

The cutting-edge attendance management system is the present and future need for the smooth and hassle-free experience of both employees and employers. To ensure enforcement and consistency of leave policy, better compliance of employment laws, manage revenue leaks, and more, an organization must think, try and install a smart attendance management system in their organization.

What Makes ‘Attendance Management Software Cutting Edge
Future of Work Reinvented: Need for ‘Cutting Edge’ Attendance Management Software 2

How all-new Attendance Management Software can reinvent the future of work?

Let us explore how the system can benefit employees, HRs, and CXOs and support the future of work.

Benefits for employees

1. Improves accessibility of punch-in options with multiple devices like smartphones, desktops, and many more.
2. Records data accurately related to overtime or work done more than the scheduled hours.
3. Creates a centralized repository of T&Cs related to leave policy, payroll schedules, and other related attendance management policies.
4. Builds employee trust and loyalty by offering them higher transparency.
5. Offers self service components to employees and helps in keeping tabs on shifts, schedules and reminders.

Benefits for HRs

1. Automation ensures accuracy of time records and minimal chance of errors in attendance-related data.
2. Reduces the time and effort required to keep track of employee hours and import data to the payroll system.
3. Graphical representation of data offers a quick understanding of attendance data.
4. Ease the process of payrolls, leave, and reviewing the performance of employees.
5. Real-time tracking multiple shifts becomes easier with the help of the geo attendance feature.
Large organizations save up to $1,600 per employee after implementing automated attendance management systems.”- Axsium Group

Benefits for CXOs

1. Reduces absenteeism, time abuse, tardiness, and misuse of the attendance policy, thereby saving companies from huge revenue leaks.
2. Optimize the usage of resources leading to increased productivity and improved profits.
3. Customized reports improve transparency, thereby promoting better policy building for collective growth.
4. Complex data records can be easily converted to bar graphs and pie charts to analyze the parameters and offer insights for budget allocation.
5. Simplifies compliance with government standards, thereby saving organizations from any legal charges related to attendance laws
Key Benefits Of Attendance Management System
Future of Work Reinvented: Need for ‘Cutting Edge’ Attendance Management Software 3

Summing Up

With the evolving word of work, culture is changing rapidly and the new work world demands new ways to work. Traditional systems are a thing of passé. You need an attendance management system that is quick, budget-friendly, and easy to use. Additionally, a system that can be customized to cater to your needs.

We recommend you pen down your requirement and access future-ready attendance management software available in the market. Research, review, compare and then select what’s best for your unique company requirements.

Make your Attendance Management fun and easy!

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