5 Ideas For Effective Attendance Management During WFH

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Attendance Management Software

Today, even a 5 year old can talk in detail about a virus as deadly as Coronavirus and the impact it has made on them and the world within the span of a year. Think about how much chaos the pandemic has created in the lives of working professionals. These testing times have stirred up a sense of uncertainty and insecurity amongst businesses. However, companies have adopted numerous remedial measures and come out victoriously with time. One such solution that has helped organizations sustain the trying situation is a Time & Attendance Software. Since almost every company has now allowed its employees to work from home, online tools, software, and technology are the only silver lining in these clouds. 

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In this blog, we will throw some light on 5 effective ideas to manage attendance during WFH using a Time & Attendance Software as follows:

  1. Daily stand-up meetings through VCs
  2. Geo tagging and Geo fencing
  3. Automatic Shift Scheduler
  4. In-Built Time Tracking Feature
  5. Integrated Project Management System

Attendance Management Software

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
An attendance management software is used to manage leaves, holidays, shifts hours, work timings, overtime, clocking time, paid days, arrear days, and other parameters that helps in calculating the payout of the employees. Now, during WFH, there are some advancements made to this system for attaining better outcomes. 

Let’s discuss each point in detail.

  • Daily Stand-Up Video Call

One of the many perks of using an HR software is that it facilitates video conferencing as a premium feature. To mark the attendance of employees, managers can fix meetings twice a day – first one at the start of the shift and the second when the shit ends. In this way, the managers can assign tasks in the morning and the employees can report to the supervisors for sharing the status of deliverables at the end of the day. Basis the number of attendees in the virtual stand-up and the submission of deliverables, the attendance can be marked.

  • Geo Tagging and Fencing

In case of WFH or normally for employees working on feld or offsite, the attendance management software is capable of locating them through geo tagging and geo fencing. Initially, the team managers have to approve a particular location from where the particular employee would be handling his/her tasks. Everyday, the employee can mark attendance from the same location by raising a request through the software/app. The location will be tracked and the request would be approved/rejected by the managers basis the same.  

  • Automatic Shift Scheduler

For making the above procedure of marking attendance easier, employers can divide employees on the basis of their department and different shift timings. For the same timings and a particular number of hours (as per the shift), the employees would be scheduled to work. Before or after that, the software won’t allow the employee to log into the system. Therefore, transparency in terms of working hours would be maintained and the attendance can be marked properly.

  • Built-in Time Tracker

This is an in-built time tracker in the time & attendance system which runs to capture the total number of working hours completed by the user. Suppose a professional is supposed to be present for 8 hours, the software detects whether he/she was working on the system for the same number of hours or not. Failing to complete the total time, the employee would be marked ascent or present for half day (as per the recorded hours). 

  • PMS Integration

This is the newest and most efficient way of managing employee attendance. The project management system (PMS) can be integrated with the attendance management software. This way, when an employee is allotted with the daily tasks, he/she can make a checklist of the deliverables and cross them off as they get completed. Besides, the number of working hours must also be fixed alongside to keep track of the time. When the whole checklist is ticked-off and the daily target is accomplished within the stipulated time, the employee would be automatically marked present and vice versa. 

Thus, there can be many more ideas that can be implemented in the already-existing HR software to overcome everyday challenges. You just need to think out of the box!

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