5 Common Myths About Human Resources

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The Human Resource industry is so vast that there is a lot of ambiguity and vagueness attached to the multifarious HR-related concepts, tasks, and functionalities. People tend to have different perceptions about the whole HR sphere regarding its various dimensions. And there are also a good number of myths that a layman has about the subject that it almost taints all the hard work that goes behind planning and managing such operations. 

New hires that witness a structured HR management system in an organization are 58% more likely to be with the company after three years.

Imagine what impact it will create on the newbies if they have proper understanding of the HR processes and systems. It would be easier for them to work and stick to the organization for a little longer. 

To debunk the misconceptions, here are the 5 most common myths related to human resources that people need to understand:

1. HR Is Equivalent To Recruitment

Many people are of the belief that an HR professional’s role is limited to hiring & recruitment of candidates. However, filling vacant positions in the company is just a small part of HRs’ wide range of KRAs. Human Resource Management involves a large number of activities starting from candidate selection, onboarding, training & development, time & attendance management, benefits & compensation administration, workforce & workflow management and moving on to performance tracking & assessment, payroll management and employee exit. Moreover, they are versatile employees, well-versed with technology and can operate automated systems like HR Software with specific modules like payroll, attendance, performance management, etc. There is almost nothing that HRs can’t do! So, next time someone says HR is equivalent to recruitment, surprise them with these facts.

2. It’s A Woman’s Job!

When someone says HR, most of the people hear HR-woman! Not sure where this came from but even in the modern world that we live in, a layman can generalize job roles based on gender. But the good news is, many men have defied this notion and went on to not only pursue an educational & a professional degree in HR, but have also joined organizations as an HR. Thus, anyone who thinks only women are supposed to take up HR jobs should get their facts straight and realize that professions have nothing to do with gender.

3. HR Technology Will Replace HR Jobs 

If you are comparing what a human can do to what machines are capable of, let us remind you that machines are invented by human beings only. There is no part of any technology that can function better than our brains. No matter how many experience letter formats you prepare mechanically using an HR software or how many salaries you process with the help of online payroll systems, at the end of the day, supervision and verification by humans is always required. So, as crucial as HR technology is, the need for professionals will never lessen.

4. HR Is A Lone Wolf

There was a time when even large-sized organizations used to hire a single individual who could manage all the responsibilities of HR management. Now, with the expansion of courses and specializations in a particular area, there are a number of HR positions that candidates with different skills can fill. So, saying that one HR Generalist is enough to take care of all the processes would be wrong. To enhance the efficiency of each HR dimension, it is necessary to employ separate professionals for the multifarious roles with the relevant skills.  

5. All HRs Care About Is Compliance 

Yes, ensuring compliance is, certainly, one of the most important responsibilities of an HR professional. But it is definitely not all! There is more to an HR’s role than ensuring compliance to local and federal legal requirements. What is an attendance management system used for? Or payroll software? Or performance management software for that matter.

These systems are incorporated to ease the gamut of operations HRs have to deal with. 

Hence, if there is someone around you who is working as an HR or you are giving a thought to choosing a career in Human Resources, do not belittle your desires by believing these myths. It’s a long way to go!

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