Attendance Management: A Definitive Guide

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Attendance Management Guide

It is crucial to know exactly when your employees begin their day, take a break from working, and end their shifts.

We meant to say that maintaining proper time and attendance management is necessary for your organisation. It will also help improve employees’ work ethics, discipline, and productivity.

There are three major methodologies to mark attendance:

  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Spreadsheets (physical and digital)
  • Mobile applications, and software

Whether on paper or digital, the truth is that some of these methods often lend themselves not only to human error but also to the impurity of the information.

Additionally, given the prevalence of hybrid work today, it’s possible that marking attendance within an excel sheet isn’t the most practical approach as the intensive use of the mobile is the one that prevails. Thus, attendance automation has become a necessity.

What Is Employee Attendance Management?

Every workday starts at the same time.

We go to the office or connect to our workspace and discussions start with the different team members.

However, not all working days are considered equal.

Some people enter a few minutes before or after, take a leave a few hours before or for a few days, while some stay back after their shift for overtime to complete their work.

All these eventualities must be recorded and monitored. And this is what we define as employee attendance management.

The definition of attendance is nothing more or nothing less than the action or state of being present in a workplace following the company’s policies. 

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Employee Attendance Management Software, Why You Need It

In most companies, an employee must be present within a specific period for certain hours to be considered present and punch-in-out every time they enter or exit premises. While in some organisations, attendance is calculated on the basis of time recorded for completing a dedicated project.

An automated attendance system is a best-suggested method for effective management of attendance. It is specially developed to record attendance, as well as manage time spent according to the day and the type of project being executed.

Did You Know?

Businesses that automate their workforce see reductions in time spent on administrative tasks and on errors.​

However, an automated attendance system also has the considerable benefit of enabling facial recognition, another benefit—providing comfort to the user, ease of use and a substantial saving of time in this management. 

Here are three great reasons why you should employee attendance management in your organisation:

Benefits Of Employee Attendance Management
Attendance Management: A Definitive Guide 1

Employee Performance Tracking

An essential metric to measure employee performance is attendance. 

Low performance is often linked to absenteeism. 

Therefore, the objective of online attendance management system is to record attendance (how often employees are in the office). So, HRs don’t require to go through heavy paperwork to track their performance as attendance software can be placed for their rescue.

Payroll Management

Although company culture and flexible remuneration are optimal, nothing impacts employees’ lives more than their payroll.

Attendance record management is crucial to accurately calculate employee salaries and thus avoid inconveniences of all kinds on paydays.

In addition to regular paid days, payroll is impacted by compensatory offs, overtime, and other parameters. Attendance data is also used to calculate shift assignments and attendance bonuses, among other things.

Fact Check: Errors on timesheets lead to errors on payroll and reporting that can result in fines from government agencies.​

Employees Productivity

Employees productivity can be affected by the number of casual leaves requested, earned leaves offered, and the number of absent days. 

Thereby, it is important to manage attendance data of their absent days or place a leave management system in organisation.

Based on the attendance data, you can roll out a rewards program, encouraging employees to efficiently complete their projects on time. Also, you can manage the frequency of approved leaves, thereby maintaining employees’ emotional well-being.

Poor attendance management can lead to

  • Ineffectiveness
  • Declined productivity
  • Reduced employee engagement
  • Loss of valuable employees
  • Poor customer service

Importance of Employee Attendance Management

Managing attendance based on workforce type or work model is essential for organisation. The main one is, of course, to avoid legal standards and compliances.

At the same time, in the face of The Employee’s Compensation Act, Employee Provident Fund Act, ITR Filling and other government regulations, these records are necessary and mandatory to avoid legal sanctions.

But this isn’t it, and there are also benefits you can gain if you want to optimize how well you perform attendance management in your company.

Attendance Management In Hybrid Mode 1 1
Attendance Management: A Definitive Guide 2

Save Time And Money

We are not talking about one or two clicks but hours, yes, a spreadsheet takes hours to maintain attendance records, and it, eventually, ends up with payroll errors.

And it doesn’t have any fingerprint or facial recognition feature.

Using intelligent automated attendance software, your employees can better use their time.

In addition, you will eliminate human errors in this type of management that will positively impact your expense management.

Reduce Absenteeism

To know if your employees’ absences constitute an inconvenience, the main thing is to be able to detect precisely what is happening at your workplace.

Are there any employees who are absent more often than others? At what time of year are the highest absences?

All this you can discover and, in any case, correct with the help of employee attendance management software.

Did You Know?

Recurring short absences have a stronger negative impact on business and costs than long-term absences. 

Centralise Information

Forget about navigating an ocean of papers, spending minutes, hours or days searching through files buried in an attic.

The data recorded in attendance software remains indefinitely for the free access of employees and managers.

You will have all the required documentation in one place and accessible 24/7 from wherever you are. In addition, HR software for time and attendance management also has an innovative document system.

Ensure Data Security

The vast majority of the procedures carried out in the HR area include some type of sensitive personal information.

Everything is confidential from the moment we receive a CV during a selection process to the data process for the payrolls.

It is the company’s responsibility to ensure full responsibility when dealing administratively with employee documentation. And this also includes the management of employee attendance.

That is why working with dedicated software for this purpose reports the enormous benefit of working with the utmost confidentiality, without the risk of data loss and encrypting information on the cloud.

Optimising employee attendance management is, at this point, an initiative that no person who has people in charge of an organisation should overlook.

Its correct implementation means ostensibly improving several aspects that ultimately impact a company’s constant, sustained improvement and exponential growth by strengthening its human capital.

Types of Employee Attendance Management Systems

HR software records employees’ hours in their position. It does this by recording input and output with a device. This informs about punctuality, performance and any incidents that have occurred.

Major Employee Attendance Management Systems
Attendance Management: A Definitive Guide 3

Some of these systems are as follows.

Manual System

Manual system is where employees mark their attendance by themselves, and data is further fetched manually for other processes.

It could be registered with corresponding columns or spreadsheets maintained digitally. As per rules defined by organisations, employees check-in and out of the system.

Mechanised System

Mechanised system is one in which employees punch in with fingerprint recognition, iris scan, thumbprint punching or might be voice detection- biometric system.

The system records attendance data per employees’ entry and exit times based on data inputs. No manual fetching, thereby fewer chances of human errors in recording work hours.


Each employee receives an RFID-based timecard that must be swiped into a machine to mark their attendance. When a card is swiped, information recorded in a card, like employee details, along with check-in and out time, is collected. 

The process eliminates all manual fetching information.

Fact Check:Time savings are a great way to calculate ROI and today’s leading attendance system can reduce payroll processing time.​

Automated Attendance Software

Automated attendance systems work according to the backend algorithms and workflows defined at the front end. Whether it is managing hybrid work mode or employees on-field, automated systems suit all.

Moreover, it can be management-led from any device, such as a smartphone, web, or tablet. 

In addition, it is possible to integrate with a biometric system.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications specifically meant to manage HR processes offer an attendance module to record employees’ attendance successfully.

They are installed on employees’ smartphones, who can check in a few clicks. In addition, employers can utilise geolocation/geofencing to locate their employees.

Thus, these are the four major types of systems that organisations successfully use to cater for their attendance needs.

Automated Attendance Marking Types-

Attendance Management, Manual or Automated?

Personal Attendance System

Many companies do not need attendance management based on a workforce (Mainly startups and SMEs). This means they do not need their employees to mark their attendance or register when they come to work or leave.

Instead, they operate based on employee flexibility, where the employees work on a project basis and fulfil their objectives without supervision in a stipulated time.

In case of requesting leaves, a concerned employee can directly contact the concerned person for approval. If leaves are granted, those days are manually removed from the system.

It ultimately results in favouritism and favourism culture.

This is where the benefits of attendance management system overpowers the manual method. The software will automatically calculate working days once recorded by employees and payroll process automatically.

The time and attendance module also includes shift rotations, vacations and leave of absence and is integrated with the overtime module and the reporting module.

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Attendance Management: A Definitive Guide 4

An Automated Attendance System

In some cases, it is necessary to have more accurate management over the working days and  times.

For instance, in large companies, where various departments function differently, keeping records more closely becomes unviable.

It also occurs in companies where the working days are divided into different places or have few regular schedules. You should know that it is practically impossible to maintain shifts and measure attendance in such cases manually.

Instead, you can get an best  attendance management system in India that can be easily configured according to the number of people working, the industry, or your employees’ schedules.

The Million-Dollar Question: How Much Does Attendance Software Cost?

To give you an answer, you should first know that not all technology developers make their values transparent. So, we gather the most information about those who do so. It’ll, ultimately, help you decide which option is most convenient for your company.

Before choosing, you must know that there are different solutions at work, including those alternatives with more prestige and/or trajectory.

Although, there are various factors that affect the cost of attendance software, such as Installation (On-premises, cloud, hybrid), Functionalities (Performance evaluation, shifts, payroll, etc.), Company size and method of collection (charges on monthly or annual bases).

Choose the software you need and pay accordingly.

Knowing how much attendance software costs is crucial to choosing the management platform you will install in your company. Not only because it is decisive to calculate the ROI but also because there are more and more alternatives and possibilities in the market, which impacts more accessible purchase options.

For the same reason, take advantage of the fact that today most software offers online quotes and even demo versions to ensure you hire the solution that best suits your company and pay according to what you need.

Why HROne Could Be The Best Leave Attendance Software For Your Company? 

Attendance software easily adapts to work flexibility and new work models. In addition, technology and friendly interface make the software very easy to use, almost intuitively.

Comply With Current Regulations

Avoiding possible problems or sanctions by the authorities is one of the main reasons to have an automated attendance system in your company.

With one of these programs, access to reports on the working day of a specific employee is done quickly and accurately, which makes it easier to comply with the requests commonly demanded by the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

Improve The Organisation

A timely control of the schedule allows to effectively organise the work within the company and, thanks to its synchronisation with functionalities (shift management programs, vacations and absences), knowing which employee is on vacation, what is their work shift, or any other relevant information will be much simpler.

Avoid Manual Errors

Minimising any possible human error provides confidence and certainty when making any financial calculation. Traditional manual spreadsheets or tools like Excel sheets can fail, take up a lot of time, or just complicate everything.

For example, an attendance system together with biometric access equipment would automate the entire process that employees perform daily when registering their entry and exit from the company. These actions would facilitate the workflow and increase the productivity of your business.

Promote Flexibility And Remote Work

Being able to register the entry and exit of work from the web or in a mobile application allows employees to move more easily or enhance remote work.

HROne’s attendance software allows you to calculate the hours worked from any device and place, making it ideal for those collaborators who work from home or who have flexible schedules.

Have you ever wondered where the time is going? 

Or why don’t employees finish a project after what seems like an adequate amount of time?

Employee attendance management software can help your employees accurately determine where time is going. It can detect the residues and see what needs to improve.

 For instance, you can see how long specific tasks take.

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This is not the end but the beginning of a new journey, and we want to make it a little bit easier for you.

If you wish to implement an attendance system that allows complete and automated employee attendance management, from collecting time records to exporting data to payroll software, check out HROne.

Make your Attendance Management fun and easy!

Learn how HROne Attendance Management software can help you automate Attendance Management & stay 100% compliant!

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