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Avail a free experience letter template by HROne and say good-bye to your employees in the best way possible.

Make them happy to have worked with you and show them you will value them even as they leave.

Save hours of design & documentation and create the most accurate experience certificate format in a standard format.

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Use our customizable experience certificate sample to create and share the experience letter just the way you want!
Before your employees receive this much-deserved official certificate, make sure you prepare the best version of it by including key pointers like:

What is an Experience Letter?


An experience letter is a formal declaration or certification, used as a proof of employment. It is shared with an employee by the current or former employer to confirm the time spent by the employee in the company, the roles & responsibilities performed, and the skills developed over time among other job-related details.

“Many people believe that an experience letter is released only at the time of full & final settlement. However, an employee can request the same from the employer as and when required during the course of employment. For instance, some on-job offshore training and vocational programs require experience letters only to verify the particulars of the job. It has nothing to do with the job termination”

Why is an experience letter important?

An experience letter is one of the most crucial documents that your current employer can ask for in order to validate the credibility of the previous employment. It enlists important information such as the designation of the employee, the employment duration, KRAs, learnings, and other details which help the employer to understand the candidate’s professional background.

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