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Present dynamics of organizations:

As we move towards soft leadership and more progressive workplace with less gender bias and age divide, we must adhere to one thing and that is strong teams. By soft leadership I mean the leaders should lead their team with more conviction and have more commitment and productivity from their team members without keeping tabs on them. The increasing transparency with agility and recruiting of more and more millenials in working space, seniors need to understand where the fresher’s are coming from and should not burden them with their experience card.

With this demographic shift comes the demand of technology upgrade in your workplace. To avoid high attrition one must imbibe current technology trends into their workplace. Companies that are still skeptical about going all digital, their HRs are facing major difficulties in recruiting and retaining respective staff. As HR software, HROne has redefined the role and responsibility of today’s HR.


Human resource department has been a benefactor when it comes to technology as this division has benefitted quickly and consistently through tech. HRs are dealing with huge amount of data like talent management and recruitment on their daily basis. Half their job is filtering resumes, training schedules, payslips, KPIs, employee statements and others. If these data’s get simplified and this manual work is handover to an intuitive HR process than such technology can be a valuable asset for any organisation.

If your existing HR digital transformation system is unable to adapt with the growing size of the organisation and is not simple enough rather complicating matters, then you need to review the existing software. If the above mentioned some of the HR tasks are not being simplified then you must give consideration to some of the key features before finalizing perfect HR software for your office. To choose the right HR tech an HR need to start with how simple the process is and the benefits of cloud based hr system. With simplicity the software should have simple appealing design, usability and be interactive.

Some of the new variable digital trends that must be considered when buying HR software are:


Today’s employees are all ‘born digital’. They are using wearable technology (many devices at the same time that are also interconnected), but such technology can also create confusion and mess with your workplace. The software that are complicated and require too much of processing and meandering can be a bane than a boon. If the employee cannot resolve queries related to accessibility, usage and content in software, then HR teams might become vary of HR software as bombardment of queries and administrative challenges still bogs them down. Then the entire workplace transformation through software becomes futile. The responsibility then lies on tech innovators to create and bring platforms that are easy-to-use but are also result oriented.

A well-designed UX simplifies work, saves time, has content that has hassle free consultation and easily optimized on all devices is most important to a software user. HRs must invest their time on UX design and their simple navigation before finalizing software for their employees. The simpler the tool the better is their employee engagement.


Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality all are conversational platforms that are part of immersive experience. It creates a smart space in a workplace through hundreds of devices around us like laptops (computing devices), automobiles, wearables, environmental sensors and consumer appliances. This makes your working environment highly connected, open, intelligent and coordinated. In workplace we use these experience mainly for training and education using our sight and sound.


IOT is a concept where any device that has Internet can be connected to each other. This includes our mobile phones, wearable devices, coffee maker, machines and more. The idea behind IOT is to have devices that self report in real-time, brings important information to the surface and improves efficiency making it quick without depending on human intervention. They also help you analyse your most productive and least productive hours of the day.

This is a raging phenomenon as generations of today are highly connected 24/7 through wearable tech. and Internet.


A well-designed tailor made computer system that performs tasks such as analysis and algorithm with minimum human intervention is known as Artificial Intelligence. It is an intelligent behavior where computer makes visual perception, decision-making, language translation, speech recognition etc. intuitively. In HR technology AI has started crawling in workplaces though it is still far from making huge transformation. Some AI driven devices that are being used are Chatbots, which is basically a virtual assistant similar to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’e Alexa. And Recruitment where AI could make huge difference in near future, as it will help in recruiting candidates by selecting certain keywords to shortlist resumes automatically.

Thus, sticking to these few pointers one can get the best HR software in India for their company, making it better and profitable.

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