5 Best Advantages of using an HR Software in the New Normal

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Advantages of using an HR Software in the New Normal

When Corona was declared as a pandemic, many industries were completely shut for a while. By now, we all have resumed to work in parts and following a hybrid model with our masks on and sanitizers being used frequently.

Currently and during the course of complete lockdown, there have been a couple of things that have helped all of us sail through these times. In the business world, technology especially on-cloud and virtual spaces have been helping immensely.  

On-cloud HR software are certainly one of those products that have helped companies in multiple ways to work in this new normal without hiccups. In this blog, we are going to talk about the same. 

Attendance- No one was going to the office the past few months and not everyone is going to the office now. So, the biggest challenge for companies was to record the attendance of the employees in the system as biometrics are of no use in this new normal. However, attendance and payroll management software in India made it possible for the employees to mark their attendance from the app itself. Some software also had or launched their mobile app with features like geo mark attendance, and live photo, mark attendance when offline as well.

Culture building- Surviving the disruption brought by COVID-19 is hard but not impossible. With time, we all are more and more resilient. The pandemic attacked the workplace culture directly when it started spreading. HR software helped in withstanding this shake by boosting engagement and presenting insights related to employees to you.  

Engagement- We as humans are conditioned to really engage when we see each other. So this was another big challenge. People were working from home but they were not in touch with each other. To eradicate the same, HR software is helping in multifarious ways. The R&R feature to appreciate the efforts, chat to stay in touch and HR posts to keep them updated with the news and information about office are just a few of those. These also help in keeping the morale of the employees high! 

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Collaboration- Every task requires either input from a person or meetings. Basically, the work is interdependent, Working in silos all of a sudden, initially made it difficult for the companies and overwhelming for the employees to attend virtual meetings, use could storage apps. So, apart from providing payroll management software in India, the HR software made collaborating easier and quicker for businesses. HR software really helped them with options to have a group or one on one chat and made it easier for them to exchange messages and share links, images, documents and videos.  

Salary processing- HR & Payroll software in India that were available on the cloud have been a boon for businesses. The software processed payroll timely and rightly after taking salary cuts into account. The insights related to payroll every month also helped a lot. The insights on how much was spent on new employees, how much was spent on hiring and more made employers more watchful of where and how they spend their money. 

We hope you were able to connect to the advantages we mentioned above. If not, your HR software might need a little re-evaluation from your end. 

Nonetheless, most of us did think that this will be over by now and here we are witnessing it increase to a greater number every day. So, let’s pray for the health and happiness of our businesses and people and resort to embracing technology in every way required.

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