AI is The New Buzzword in HR Technology! What Does It Mean for HR?

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If you’re an HR Manager, by now you might also have heard about the dawn of Artificial Intelligence in HR. This development seems concerning, right? At a time when usually neglected HR departments have started to receive some love from leadership teams, this AI thing has arrived to snatch away the jobs of HR professionals. It’s horrible.

Many HR managers think along these lines when they hear about HR and AI in same sentence. However, we think that AI in HR is going to play out like any other HR technology developed till now. And don’t get us wrong here – it’s certainly the biggest of all technologies developed for HR till date, but no technology can replace humans from “Human Resources.”

So, what does it mean for HR?

AI is The New Buzzword in HR Technology!

Automation (With Humans, For Humans)

As AI’s role will increase in HR, it’ll become smarter and also more easily available to majority of businesses in form of cloud based HRMS software. This will certainly lead to automation, but not to replace humans but to empower them. Yes – rather than replacing HR managers with robots or automated programs, AI will help them do their jobs in a better way by automating some mundane tasks they currently do. For example:

  1. Weeding Out Incompetent Candidates: By quickly sifting through large blocks of information AI will allow HR managers to make more accurate hiring decisions in less time. It will, for example, evaluate candidates on the basis of their educational record and help managers weed out incompetent candidates more easily and quickly.
  2. Ranking Candidates According to Their Competence: As its usage in HR will increase, AI will not just weed out the incompetents but also rank them in order of their competence. This may sound hard to believe, but as more and more HR managers will recruit the right candidates for their desired roles, cloud based HR software with AI functionality will become smarter by learning about various recruiting patterns. And then eventually one day it can start ranking candidates according to their competence for any particular roles.
  3. Suggesting Solutions Before Rise of Problems: AI won’t just change HR in recruiting – it’ll also help in devising solutions for serious problems before they arise. For example, it can help in detecting how engaged your employees are in their jobs by observing patterns in their activities. This can help in better management of human resource inside companies and more engaged work cultures before they become too much of a problem to affect the bottom lines of companies.

Final Thoughts

The result of all these things will be that you, the HR manager, will be able to focus more on the tasks that matter. You’ll also be able to do your work more accurately in less time. And that’s a great thing for men and machine both.

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