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HRMS software can help all departments in an organization including the finance, accounting, sales, customer care and other departments. But, it  is equally empowering the human resource department too. HR-One HRMS automates the activities of the HR and increase the productivity of HR department, reducing the probability of errors in the functioning of managing people and HR department at the same time. Let’s quickly glance as how HRMS empowers HR department in myriad ways.

Automate Processes

If there’s one common thing that most HR departments generally have is heaps of paperwork. From recruitment process to interview notes to performance reviews to government-mandated reporting, most human resources are flooded with forms, papers, and reports.  Today’s managers need real-time access to reports and they want to have it on the go on their Smartphone’s, tablets or other mobile devices. People today are used to automated process where one swipe, or a touch of button generate dynamic reports and manage data.

HR software digitizes nearly all paperwork your HR department creates. It also empowers users and decision-makers to access reports instantly and remotely. Further, there is no risk of any paper loss, miscalculations, errors. Best of all, these processes can be done instantly irrespective of location. It helps create consistent records of all employees, such as personal as well as professional details.

With the automated software in place, the entire HR process becomes more transparent, paperless and swift. With one system, you can easily glance what all are the upcoming requirements within the time and then the software also helps in the recruitment process by filtering out the details of the candidate. Right from hiring request to offer, there is a systematic workflow that keeps track of all open positions and closures with stage wise statistics.

Further, you can filter out relevant information of any employee, such as birthday date, anniversary date, leave expenses, attendance, travel expenses or any other related information.  Together with this, do you want to create a record of in-house expenses incurred, tracking employees’ attendance, etc. Without any worry, you can generate reports of different levels.

Here are a few reports that you can easily generate using an advanced HRMS.

Module reports

Create graphical reports for all your data – be it for workforce or payroll. The best part is that it gives you in-depth analysis of all your data at the organization level, department level, as well as employee level.


Are you looking for customized dashboards? Well, HROne HRMS renders this feature. It gives you instant, accurate insights in the form of graphs and charts.

Statutory Reports

This module helps in generating important statutory reports. You can just pick up the template matching your business requirements and start generating reports.

With HR-One HRMS, you not only access and share information through well-defined workflows, but also gain a critical insight about your HR department, conquer HR management challenges and improve the effectiveness of HR in your company and make better decisions.

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