How To Choose The Best HRIS/ HRMS Software?

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Process Automation is taking the corporate world by storm and if it hasn’t hit you yet, you better get yourselves prepared for it. Sooner or later in your business journey, the day will certainly come when you will be asking or searching for answers to this question. And quite obviously, there will be all kinds of advice, suggestions and tips from the self-proclaimed business experts. Now it is your responsibility to do your homework beforehand, then choose wisely and integrate the best HRIS/ HRMS Software to your system for optimum results. 

In order to make any selection, you first need to gain in-depth understanding of the product. So, in this blog, we will start from the basic definitions and move deep down into the elaborate features of an HRIS/ HRMS Software to make the hand-picking job easier for you.

The Hairline Difference Between HRIS And HRMS

Often used interchangeably, these two terms have a slight variation separating them. To know what is HRIS and HRMS, you must be aware of the multifarious terminologies and functions associated with HR in the first place. An acronym for Human Resource Information System, HRIS is an amalgamation of organizational workforce and its operations with information technology via an HR software. Aiming to automate the HR processes, this structure records and manages quantitative information of employee lifecycle such as time and attendance, reporting and SSNs. On the other hand, HRMS encompasses the qualitative aspects of employee information like performance management & satisfaction among others.

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Having understood the primary essence of HR systems, it’s time to walk through some essential features of an ideal HRIS/ HRMS:

Software Is Principal

You can compromise a number of characteristics in your Human Resource Management System, but you can’t do without a cutting edge software. The structure, operation, functioning and performance of the software has to be checked before implementation. You can consult a software specialist anytime, but for your own comprehension, mentioned below are a few points you should put on your checklist while choosing the right software:

1. Quick Installation And Implementation
2. Seamless Integration With Other Software
3. Interfacing With Multiple Hardware Types
4. Vast Product Customization Options
5. Automation of All-inclusive HR Operations
6. Faster Data Management And Reporting
7. Compatibility With Operating Systems
8. Frequent Updation And Bug Fixing
9. Compliance With Organizational Workflow
10. Flexible And Scalable for Future-proof
11. User-friendly, Cost-effective And Efficient

Besides jotting down the aforementioned attributes, your HRMS Software must compulsorily possess the capability to automate all the necessary core HR processes and operations including:

1. Employee Onboarding
2. Applicant Tracking
3. Leave and Timesheet Management
4. Payroll Processing
5. Learning and Development
6. Workflow Management
7. Compensation and Benefits
8. Performance Tracking and Management
9. Succession Planning
10. Workforce/Employee Lifecycle Management
11. Employee Engagement and Exit

Now, before moving ahead with shortlisting the HRIS/ HRMS software product of your choice and even after the implementation of the same, let’s see some crucial points to be kept in mind:

Count The Pros And Cons

Make a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of using the new HRMS/ HRIS software. Narrow down the options as per your business nature and decide which features to keep and which to discard.

Check For Authentic References

Before jumping to conclusions and making decisions in a jiffy, it is advisable to double-check the sources that you are referring to and the so-called experts that you are believing. Only when you have done proper research and set your facts straight, should you begin the system integration.

Honor The Critic In Your Customers

Once the product is running, hear it from your customers whether they are happy with the new technological adoption or not.

Employees Have Equal Say

Ask your employees if they are ready for the big change and what are their opinions. Try to chalk out and incorporate common suggestions for improvement purposes.

Product Training Is A Must

As you plan to make this transformation in the HR process, not everyone would be a pro in using the technological features of the product. So, you need to organize product training sessions before and after the launch for ease of accessibility.

Just to sum it up, you have to believe that although there are numerous other functions and features that make up the Human Resources Information/ Management System but as an employer, these details are enough to make your selection procedure simpler and better.

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