Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is an effort taken by company to make its employees feel a sense of belonging and emotional connection with their work place. Besides organizing events, activities and games for entertainment, an employee is given fraction of a power to make decisions for his teams and openly suggest the changes required. A good employee engagement helps a company have a competitive advantage over other companies as good communication leads to better results and help them fight tough times quicker.

The simple reason why such engagements are important is because they driver performance and employee engagement helps in employee retention hence saves a lot of money that one may loose in recruiting and training time and again. The employee on the other hand becomes emotionally attached to its workplace as all their needs are taken care of and they get a healthy and friendly work environment to work in. when a sense of belonging comes in then the worker starts to put in extra effort towards his work which results into profit building.

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HR’s play a crucial role in building such strong employee engagement in their work space by providing them with rejuvenating activities and freebies that can include food, flexible working hours, cab service etc.

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