What Is HRIS?

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what is hris

Human Resource Information System, abbreviated as HRIS, is a part of HRMS software or database that revolves around critical information/ data for facilitating HR operations. Employee particulars such as name, address, contact details, identity proof, work permit and others are stored, processed and administered in this system. The soul purpose of implementing HRIS is to automate the HR processes and recording/ managing quantitative information of employee lifecycle such as time and attendance, payroll processing, performance management, accounting, reporting and social security numbers among others. 

An amalgamation of organizational workforce and its functions with information technology via a cutting-edge software, this centralized repository has a number of boons. Having understood what is HRIS, let us see why it is integrated with the HRMS software and

what could be the possible advantages that HRs and employees get from HRIS. 

  • Automation of tasks reduces human intervention and possibility of errors
  • Lesser paperwork as all-inclusive information is stored in the system
  • Larger reach; accessible to various users at the same time
  • Multitasking (eases HR operations) and time saving
  • Quick adaptation to changes/ improvisations
  • Ad hoc reporting, documentation and analytics
  • Customization, privacy and security for users available

Hence, if you are dreaming big and willing to grow at a steady pace, there is a dire need for you to employ a robust HRIS in your software these days.