Here Is Why 400+ Companies Claim HR-One As Their Magic Wand

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Within 20-30 days of implementation, these 400+ companies have gauged an increase in productivity by at least 30%. Here’s how.

Most of our clients considered payroll management their biggest roadblock. According to them, a major chunk of HR time used to go in managing payroll or hiring more resources. They were left barely with any time to focus on the existing headcount. So, they thought of experimenting and tried to manage it all on their own in different ways.

However, HR still continued to stay occupied with something or the other. This wasn’t just affecting their productivity but wasn’t even improving the plight of the employee dissatisfaction and churn rate.

Alas! apparently, nothing worked. So, finally, they realised no man is an island and that without the right technical support all the chaos in the world is bound to happen in their organisation.

Hence, to detangle this web of disorder and gloom, they implemented HR-One and claimed it as their magic wand since then.

Settle your anxiousness, let’s read how HR-One has helped them manage, engage and organise their workplace and people like never before

Made every employee feel like family

Kudos, employee directory, helpdesk, on mail intimations, competition announcements, new joinee names, birthdays- all this and much more flash on every employee dashboard. There is a beauteous display of leaves, appraisal, review and kudos in the form of graphs to keep the ESS dashboard a true delight to watch.

Helpdesk to raise a ticket to any department, check the status of their ticket and leave and AR requests and make planners. This puts HR, managers and employees at ease and increases their happiness quotient too!

Nurturing this feeling is really essential as the churn rate and dissatisfaction can be reduced only then.

Esteemed clients using the feature- Hanu, ScoopWhoop, Bikanerwala and more.

Made it easy to manage employees

Geotracking, geofencing, photo capturing feature and the feature to consider the first and last punch for attendance has made it way easier to keep a track of work hours even when an employee is out for a client visit.

Performance management has made it possible for the HR and managers to increase transparency, do honest reviews, appraisals and incentives. Timesheet also helps them in controlling project costs.

Also, all the employee information and documents including PAN card are right there in HR-One. Basically, there is everything HR needs to manage employees from hiring to retiring.

Esteemed clients using the feature– Vatika, Kwality, Mando, ScoopWhoop, Apollo Munich, Taxman and more.

Empowers them to hire the best

Easy integration with candidate portal, consultant portal helped them in fastening their selection process and maintaining a strong candidate database. It has become easier to assign positions to recruiter ad consultants. They are also able to view the data by putting various filters like designation, experience etc.

They are also now able to put remarks and define the status of the candidate. Collectively, all this has reduced the time to hire for them dramatically. 

Esteemed clients using the feature- Vatika, ASK Automotive, Kwality and more.

Supports them in administrative tasks

They use HR-One for employee travel, inventory and all other expense management. Money is very important for a business and these 300+ companies say that quick and error-free calculation of expenses has been the additional endowment of HR-One.

They use the software to approve, reimburse expenses and bills after seeing the attachment.

The admin personnel saves a lot of time this way as he or she now focuses more on the hygiene, expense related issues of employees. Put simply, now they are in a better position to focus on employee happiness and cost comparison. For instance, they can now invest more of their time in deciding the vendor or venue for any event or work. 

Esteemed clients using the feature- Vatika, Mando, ScoopWhoop, Bikanerwala and more.

Fastens their payroll process like never before-

The biggest hindrance was the time-consuming payroll process. Our product, HR-One automated their payroll inputs. A few clicks and it’s all done. No complicated calculations or sheet maintenance.

The statutory compliance is also taken care of very well. This gave HR the time to focus more on employee happiness quotient and management. Automatic salary arrears addition, FnF payables. They make the salary structure easily, get rich analytics for smarter decisions and insightful actions.

Esteemed clients using the feature- Hanu, Haier, ASK Automotive, Mando and more.

Most importantly, now they have more time to invest in employee engagement activities. 

Hmmmmm…. HR-One has indeed changed the way all these 400+ companies do HR. And yes, all of this can be done via mobile too.

Need I say more? Our product has indeed been a magic wand to many. Get ready for your turn. Give JOY a chance to whip its magical wand onto your HR processes.

May you want to get in touch with us to know some more, ping us on the chat and we would be more than happy to help you know our product even more.

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