Types of leaves

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Types of leaves- Introduction

Every organisation offers different types of leaves to the employees for when they want to take an off on a working day due to any reason. Hence, understanding types of leaves is an important part of an HRs role. They must know the types of leaves as the attendance and leave policy the organisation makes is largely impacted by types of leaves they offer and more.

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In this types of leaves glossary, we also cover-

  1. Types of leaves in India for employees in Company
  2. Set New Work Culture Benchmark With These Uncommon Types of Leaves

Let’s look at them successively, one at a time.

Types of leaves in India for employees in company

What kinds of leaves does your company offer?” This is one of the initial questions that a potential employee asks to the recruiter before joining. It is so because types of leaves and the number of leaves you offer speak volumes about how employee friendly your company is.
Following is a list of types of leaves in India that most of  the companies provide to their employees. Take a look.

  1. Earned Leave or Privilege Leave
  2. Casual Leave
  3. Sick Leave or Medical Leave
  4. Public and religious holidays
  5. Maternity Leave
  6. Paternity leave
  7. Comp off
  8. Unpaid leave
  9. Bereavement leave
  10. Half Pay Leave
  11. Quarantine Leave
  12. Study Leave or Sabbatical Leave

Set New Work Culture Benchmark With These Uncommon Types of Leaves

Many renowned companies have started providing unique types of leaves for a brighter world of work. In the list below, we share with you the most delightful ones.

  1. Mandatory leaves
  2. Negative leaves
  3. Unlimited vacation
  4. Uncapped sick leave5.Family leave
  5. Leave pooling 

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