How to Foster a Great Working Culture

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An organization that lacks a culture is like a tree without roots, it can neither sustain itself nor grow. Culture creates great workplaces, reinforces the company’s vision and goals, and also makes leadership transitions seamless. When a great working culture is in place, employees are less likely to leave. They love showing up for work and speak highly of their organization.

Here are a few pointers on how you can start working towards an enduring and rewarding working culture:

Start from the top

A great working culture starts with the leader or group of leaders’ approach to managing group dynamics. The first, and perhaps most important step, is a deliberate effort at managing work-life balance. It is also imperative for leaders to set the tone for corporate culture through their conduct. Employees are more likely to conduct themselves professionally at all times if your interactions with them are formal and serious.

Look beyond external motivations and rewards

Any efforts to foster a great working culture must remain cognizant of the difference between company culture and fringe benefits. While perks and rewards are a great way to boost morale and productivity, company culture starts when the leader becomes intimately aware of talents, personalities, and motivations of employees with a view to getting them in sync with the organization’s vision. The trick lies in finding the perfect mix, wherein employees love their work and enjoy being part of the team.

Encourage communication

A working culture can’t take root or thrive when employees have little to no communication among themselves, except about work. A good leader deploys deliberate efforts to get their team talking. You must encourage teamwork and never spare a chance to elicit recommendations from employees on how to best cultivate communication and teamwork.

Employe positive distractions

Informal settings offer a great opportunity to build and strengthen relationships. That is why it makes perfect sense to employ positive distractions such as casual Fridays, organizing sporting activities, holding parties every now and then, bringing outside speakers into the office, and a host of other activities.

Working Culture

Hire the right people

Corporate culture will not survive if new employees are not deliberately selected to fit into and complement it. That is why it is important to look not only into the competency and values of prospective employees but their personalities as well.

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