Consumerization of HR in Digital Workspace

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Consumerization Of Hr

The India we live in today is highly globalized and so are its citizens. Our habits and conduct is worldlier and less archetypal.

We once had a habit of using a product for various other things besides what it’s really meant for and this habit is famously known as Jugaad. In my opinion new India is moving away from Jugaad and heading towards being real consumers. You might think otherwise as we love boosting our Jugaad way of life but with getting access of anything anywhere in real-time through technology this mighty habit is slowly taking a back seat. In the times of instant gratification, we want to fulfill our desires there and then in respect to anything from eating a cuisine to buying a book or a watch. Every desire is available on your mobile phone through Internet access and various apps that deliver you your wishes in real-time and thus, this wave is known as consumerization.

From using google maps to save time on road to watching movies of your choice we are fulfilling our desires every second. This wave of disruptive technology is entering into our workspace as well. We desire same accessibility, choice and comfort as we experience it otherwise. This drastic shift in the employee mindset has impacted company culture and their HR functions greatly. The organizations have to embrace technology to become more mobile, diverse and global to remain competitive and in-sync with the times.

HR software enables employee to make goals and manage project timelines through performance management system where in they can set goals, make teams, check the progress of the task at hand in real-time and can assess their performance. Employee self service liberates an employee to manage their personal information on their own rather than waiting for an HR to respond to their query. This helps HR to manage people and strategies better as they get a bird eye view of all employees in front of their screens.

HR consumerism empowers employees to self learn through tools and make them more collaborative. It believes in goal completion within certain time frame but not at the cost of work life balance. A digitally empowered employee can work from home if he is sick. The employee engagement does not get hampered as long as the task at hand of that employee is not compromised. The professional accomplishment should be the only parameter to assess and not his working hours or how much time he spent on his desk. The meetings are done virtually every week so that the projects are completed on time.

HR digital transformation solutions help enterprise grow with accelerated workforce satisfaction in employees. They are able to swiftly and easily access the HR services they require through such HR software. If this much-required upgrade is not made than it is likely that your competitors will become beneficiaries of better talent, process and eventually ahead in the market.

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