Employee Self Service

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Employee self-service is a technology (portal or a profile) that working professionals use to perform particular functions autonomously. A part of the HR software, this web-based application has personal records of every employee that only s/he has access to. ESS helps in marking attendance, applying for leaves, raising requests and other aspects that concern with everyday work life of an employee.

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To understand the concept better, here are a few questions that we have answered for you:

What are the benefits of employee self service?

Besides streamlining HR operations, the ESS technology helps to process tasks faster and more efficiently, leaving no room for waste of time or effort. Moreover, it makes the employees self-sufficient and empowered. An ESS system helps create a more inviting and liberal work environment for all. In today’s workspace, most of the offices have ESS as it has made payroll faster and employee personal grievances obsolete.

What are the features of ESS portals?

An ESS includes features like managing personal details from personal contact to information about family members to having all the bank details and benefits of the employees. Payroll capabilities, expense management, business travel management, and making modifications to the existing information are added benefits of ESS.

How do ESS portals work?

ESS portals work by combining interactive web applications with searchable knowledge databases to deliver a complete suite of features. If we talk about the interactive portions, it combines automated systems with customer support in the form of live chat or a ticket-based help desk system. 

The functionality varies as per different needs of different companies when it comes to employee self-service systems. However, the uniform nature of HR means there are numerous features common to many ESS portals, which makes it easier for businesses to rely on third-party vendors for fulfillment. 

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