Employee Self Service

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Employee self-service is portal or a profile that every employee has and is part of HR software. This web-based application has personal records of every employee that he has access to and only he can put in details and browse it freely at his own convenience. An ESS includes features like personal details from personal contact to information about their family members like spouse and children; to having all their bank details and benefits. ESS helps in marking unmarked attendance, applying for leave, request for loan, access to healthcare plan, overtime payment, reimbursement slips and other aspects that concerns with everyday work life of an employee.

In today’s workspace most of the offices has ESS as it has made payroll faster and employee personal grievances obsolete. An HR in the past was always found with big pile of papers sorting or correcting personal details of their employees buy with ESS everything is self managed by the employee himself and all the information is stored in one place that one can access and upgrade anytime. ESS eliminates small interruptions that used to create a bigger problem. The problem bearer is now the problem solver himself. He just has to raise the issue through his ESS profile and it will show to the respective department and will be resolved in no time. Minimal interference of an HR is required as ESS is direct and quick.

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