Utthunga Cuts 70% HR Effort with HROne, Achieves Unprecedented Employee Engagement.

“HROne is a preferred and trusted partner for all our HR Needs. It has helped us foster a strong employee connect that was missing earlier.”

Amulya MS
Director- HR, Utthunga Technologies


Icon Address Headquartered in Bengaluru


Icon Industry Product Engineering and Industrial Solutions

No. of employees

Icon Employees 800+


Manual HR Effort Eliminate

Enhanced Employee Engagement


Payroll Compliance


Utthanga aspires to be a trusted partner for its customers, employees and prospective job-seekers. The HR team aims to maintain high employee engagement levels and offer the right opportunities to its employees to grow their careers with the organisation. As Utthunga focused on scaling up process improvement in line with CMMI Level 3 standards, it became increasingly hectic for the HR team to keep up with the expected deliverables. That is when they started exploring HR automation.


In the early growth phase, all HR processes at Utthunga were manual.

  • HR staff spent most of their time on administrative tasks like payroll processing, attendance and leave management.
  • Employees did not have access to payroll or leave information. They had to email or call HR staff for raising and following up on their grievances.
  • Employee connect was lacking as there was no central platform for peerto-peer communication across the organisation.
  • Payroll processing was vulnerable to calculation errors and tax noncompliance as it was spreadsheet-based.
  • Managers did not have a real-time view of employee performance and availability hindering productivity.


The HROne Impact

  • 70% Manual HR Effort Eliminated

    Utthang has revamped its HR service delivery model with HROne’s conversational ticketing solution, the HR helpdesk. Employees raise queries using self-service interfaces. HR teams can resolve these within specific turnaround times without missing any of them. They also get insights into the most frequently occurring grievances for corrective action.

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement

    The HROne performance management module has enabled managers to set objective employee KRAs and track progress every quarter per Utthunga’s policies. Managers can also motivate their employees by recognizing their achievements publicly with HROne’s badges. A real-time view of the workforce availability with HROne’s leave and attendance module also allows managers to maximise utilisation and adhere to customer delivery timelines.

  • 100% Payroll Compliance

    Leave and attendance data automatically flows into the payroll module. Accurate payroll calculations are available in a matter of a few clicks. Automatic updates in the HROne backend based on the latest tax guidelines have enabled Utthunga to be 100% compliant with tax deductions, payment deadlines and tax form distribution.

  • Moodbots

    As employees log in, HROne prompts them to capture their mood. Utthang’s HR teams get real-time feedback about how the employees are feeling and understand niggling issues if any.

  • Badges

    HROne badges empower employees to recognise their teammates’ contributions on internal social platforms. This digital peer-to-peer recognition program is at the core of Utthang’s growing employee connect.

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