What are the Roles & Responsibilities of Human Resource Manager?

If I were to put simply, what a human resource manager is I would say he is sometimes a coach, sometimes a gardener and much more. Basically, the HR manager is the heart of every organisation.

Nevertheless, technology has left no arena of business untouched. Automation, AI and analytics have seeped into every work we do. Thus, innovation and creativity are increasingly becoming the new parameters of growth and success. And the only person who can majorly be held responsible for the same is an HR manager. He brings the talent, nurtures him, monitors his performance and ensures his happiness at the workplace.


Put simply, attracting and hiring the resource while not exceeding the time to hire is what this function is about. The organisation is only as good as the contribution of the employees. This is why till the time the candidates are not sourced and interviewed properly, no organisation can flourish.


The next step after hiring is that of training the resources. When a candidate is hired for the position he may be a fresher, if not, then at least not familiar with how your organisation works. Moreover, there may be some workshops, seminars etc that can help the employees hone their skills even more. It is not just for their own career growth but for the organisation as well.

Work Policies

Much like walking on a tightrope, when it is about making work policies and improve the work culture; the HR managers find it hard to strike a balance between the wishes of employees and the employers. Flexible scheduling, work from home policy, excursions, a good working environment, all of these can make employees happy.


Conflicts make the environment negative. However, no matter if its work, politics or anything else, disputes are bound to happen. As an HR manager, it becomes pertinent for them to solve the conflicts when they happen. They should not be biased or opinionated while trying to solve the matter.


Payroll is an inevitable part of the roles and responsibilities of HR. So, legal knowledge and staying compliant with the state and federal laws are necessary. Otherwise, a small payroll error can make the company face legal troubles.

Appraisals and awards

Employees expect rewards, appreciation and good appraisals in return for their loyalty and good performance. So, the HR manager has to make sure that every employee gets what he deserves. Otherwise, disgruntled employees may start searching for a new opportunity which can increase the attrition rate of the company.

In short, the duties and responsibilities of the HR manager begin with hiring driven people, make policies, interact with the workforce, encourage them to do their best and reward the ones who excel. When each of these things are taken care of meticulously, nothing is missed.

So, whether you are an HR manager or an employer or a person leading a team, you must strive to practice the functions of an HR manager. With the changing roles and dynamics of the workplace, not just the HR but every manager and employer of the organisation need to take charge of employee motivation and appreciation. It’s high time to rise above the conventional cocoon of responsibilities you have.

Good Luck!

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