The Best Treasure Trove Technique for Recruiters To Save Time

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Recruiter Time

We completely get how difficult the job of a recruiter is. Others just see how quickly you close a position; no one realises how exhausting it had been for you as a recruiter. Sourcing, interviewing, coordinating with the interviewee and the interviewer, lining interviews, taking the feedback, selecting the candidates, doing negotiations and what not.

So, in this blog, we bring to you the best time management techniques for recruiters. Let’ start.

Pen it all down:

The ad-hoc requirements keep coming in the way while you are working on one requirement, isn’t it? This makes it easy for you to forget a task or two easily from the long trail of small and big tasks.

Make it better:

Just so you don’t forget any task or the papers you have penned your tasks on don’t get lost, you should keep the record of tasks somewhere on your desktop. For the same, you can use-

  • Sticky Notes tool on the desktop
  • Google Tasks tab (available at the right side of the Gmail)
  • Cloud Recruitment Software (HR-One can be of great help)

Do some pre-planning

It is very important to remember that you have created the list to manage your time efficiently. Keep reviewing it every day. The first and last thing you see while on your work desk should be your to-do list. This will set the task for the next day. You will be able to manage your work without any chaos. Moreover, you will be at peace and not wasting time unnecessarily. You will know what you need to do as soon as you will reach the office.

Make it better

The idea of not looking at the list on a Friday evening may sound very enticing, you must not opt for it. You can choose to do so if momentary happiness is more important for you than the sanity of your mind.

When you will have the roadmap for the new week or at least Monday in place, you will experience no Monday blues. Besides, you will also be able to enjoy your weekend to the fullest without any workload thought.

Classify the work

There is no denial to the fact that everything can’t work the way you plan it to be, you are not a genie! So, for times when you keep getting ad-hoc tasks and find it hard to do it all- Prioritize. Follow this thumb rule and classify the work into four categories-

  • Needs to be done asap
  • Can be done later
  • Can be delegated
  • Can be left

Make it better

Whether you use a Cloud Recruitment Software, sticky notes or the google tasks, define a color for each of the four bifurcations. This will help you in understanding what you need to do first and what can be done later quickly. For instance, red can denote urgency, yellow can denote delegation, pink can denote the task in the pipeline after the urgent ones, and black can be the ones that are being left and can be done later.

Kickstart the tasks

If you have taken the aforementioned three steps to time management rightly, this step will become a cakewalk. You will be able to decipher the hierarchy and know which tasks you need to complete first.

Make it better

As soon as you are done with one task, take a small break and do whatever pleases you. It can be listening to a song, talking to someone overcall or a silent walk. This will freshen your mind and increase your efficiency for the next tasks. Also, if you are using pen-paper to maintain your to-do list or google tasks, cut the tasks you have completed. Trust me, it is oddly satisfying!

What Next?

There is a lot more work you need to do beyond maintaining your to-do list. And so, a good list may not suffice but when paired with a Robust recruitment software, it works.

So, if you are not using software, start searching for one. Just like there are many payroll software in Delhi and everywhere else, know that the availability of cloud recruitment software is no less. Both of them are always in demand. Our product, HR-One provides Cloud recruitment software at competitive prices. It can help you to a great extent in saving and managing your time.

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