Attendance Automation System: Know Lesser Known Benefits And Why You Must Get One?

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What comes to your mind when attendance management is mentioned? 

The majority of people link the process to tedious paperwork, biometrics, and excel attendance sheets. If you are also one of them, let us tell you attendance management is no longer a painful human resources operation.  

Yes, you read it right. 

Attendance monitoring has become one of the easiest tasks on HR managers’ to-do list lately. And, the whole credit for this dramatic transformation goes to attendance automation and attendance management systems. 

Needless to say, attendance automation has entirely changed the way attendance was managed and processed earlier. 

Let’s dive into the blog and learn more about attendance automation. 

What is Attendance Automation? 

In layman’s terms, attendance automation is the process streamlining the tasks involved in the attendance management process with customised workflows. 

In a traditional setup, managing attendance is not as easy as it seems. HR professionals spend hours, sometimes even days juggling papers to calculate the attendance of each employee. 

By automating the entire process, HR managers can certainly sit back and relax! This is when a big question arises – how do you automate attendance? 

By investing in one of the best attendance management systems is the answer. 

Attendance management systems are automated solutions that come with a host of features and benefits. We will talk more about attendance management systems later in the section discussing the benefits of attendance automation. 

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Best Practices and Checklist

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Why Attendance Automation? 

In traditional offices, attendance management process is all about piles of paperwork and several tiresome tasks. However, the same process can become a different story if it is automated. Every task will be processed smoothly leaving no space for errors.

According to Acumen Data Systems, businesses can eliminate daily lost productivity and recapture a total of $ 666,400.00 in yearly wages by automating time tracking. 

Why Attendance Automation
Attendance Automation System: Know Lesser Known Benefits And Why You Must Get One? 1

By automating attendance, companies can: 

Do not worry if any of the above confuses you. You will understand the necessity of attendance automation better when we will discuss its top benefits in the next section. 

6 Lesser Known Benefits of Attendance Automation

There are numerous benefits of automating attendance using attendance management systems but here are the top ones you should definitely know:

Benefits Of Attendance Automation
Attendance Automation System: Know Lesser Known Benefits And Why You Must Get One? 2

Error-Free Attendance Management 

A good number of companies still enter attendance data manually. Now, the biggest concern with manual data entry is human errors. Not to forget, mistakes in attendance mean mistakes in payroll as well. 

So, the best and most effective way to avoid attendance errors is attendance automation. 

For the uninitiated, attendance management systems require a bare minimum of human intervention. Such systems even update arrears on its own to prevent even the slightest mistake along the way. 

Increase HR Efficiency 

Gone are the days when HR professionals had no other option but to spend most of their time managing employee attendance, leaves, overtime, and much more. With attendance management systems, things become super easy and convenient for HRs.

If invested in the right software, HRs can: 

  • Fix the number of casual/sick leaves, earned leaves and paid leaves 
  • Create leave types and select leave cycle
  • Auto-update leave balance every month
  • Enable auto present, Flexi, strict, or sandwich policy
  • Choose calculation method and enjoy automatic attendance computation
  • Approve overtime hours in a tap

And much more… 

In simpler terms, attendance automation empowers HRs and allows them to be their most productive selves all day, every day. 

Manage Attendance Anytime, Anywhere

It is important for businesses to have an attendance system that can be used remotely, since work-from-home and hybrid work models are here to stay. No manual system comes with this benefit; fortunately, attendance management systems do. 

Attendance management software offers a geo attendance feature, which makes attendance tracking a hassle-free operation.

Vaishnavi Marvekar 1
Attendance Automation System: Know Lesser Known Benefits And Why You Must Get One? 3

Geo-attendance allows employees to mark their attendance from any remote workplaces- both on the field and from off-sites. Managers, on the other hand, can track and approve their attendance in real time. 

Easy Access to Attendance Data 

Be it small, medium or large, managing the attendance data of employees is equally important yet painful for every business. 

If such data is stored and managed manually, HR professionals put in extra effort, time to calculate and process the attendance of every employee. This is when attendance automation comes into the picture! 

Automated attendance management solutions track attendance as well as store all the attendance records in the system for future reference. This not just benefits HR professionals but also the company to completely cut down paperwork in their workplace. 

No Non-Compliance Issues 

How can we forget compliance when we talk about attendance? 

Ensuring compliance is one of the crucial tasks while processing attendance. However, it is easy said than done. 

HR professionals often fail to keep up with changing regulatory requirements amid managing a lot of manual processes. This even leads to payroll non-compliance that usually results in hefty fines and lawsuits. 

To avoid such losses, businesses can invest in a top-notch automated attendance system in India. Such systems are designed to check, ensure, and comply with the latest regulations promptly. 

In essence, HR managers and employers will never have to worry about non-compliance issues. 

Cost Reduction 

Since attendance management is a labor-intensive function, most businesses end up hiring more resources every now and then. 

Now, we cannot overlook the fact that recruitment is an expensive process that can burn a hole in employers’ pockets in the long run.  

As we already discussed earlier, attendance management systems require zero manual intervention. That means, even one person can carry out the entire process single-handedly. This way, businesses can save a large chunk of their money.

Manual Attendance Management V/S Automated Attendance Software 

Now that you know the meaning, importance and benefits of attendance automation, let’s quickly revise the differences between automated attendance systems and manual attendance management: 

Automated Attendance Software 1
Attendance Automation System: Know Lesser Known Benefits And Why You Must Get One? 4

Read “Manual vs automation in attendance management: What’s better for your business?” to have a broad understanding of manual and automated attendance software. 

Parting Thoughts

That means, like all other work ethics such as upskilling, educating, and appreciating, attendance also affects the workforce, workplace and the business. 

Keeping the importance of attendance in mind, employers should consider attendance automation at the earliest. 

Without a doubt, automated attendance management systems will go a long way in taking off the burden from HR managers’ shoulders. 

So, the mantra is to get on track with attendance automation or get left behind- the choice is yours! Here’s why HROne can be your best. 

Here’s why HROne can be your best HR Automation Software.

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