8 Latest Ideas to Celebrate Diwali at your Workplace

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Diwali Ideas

Yes, DIWALI is around the corner and there is not much time left for the festivities to begin. The time when we all are quite excited to dress and look our ethnic best. This festival is also the time when the family, friends  & neighbours gather for the feast and to share the beautiful bonding.

Diwali is not just a close family affair, it’s a gala. A great time to nurture office relationships too, as workplaces are just like their second homes.

We agree offices are supposed to be a place where employees need to put their time and skills to best use. But, how about giving a skip to the routine for a day? Diwali calls for a grand celebration at offices also! Let’s us look at these fresh Diwali celebration ideas to have a little more “JOY”.

Organise fun contests

You can have a fortune cookie related session for all the employees. If not fortune cookies, use pistachio. Make it even more fun by giving them a task to do in it like speak something about your favourite colleague. Organise a Diwali related quiz. You can also ask them to complete the sentences with a funnier version of Ramayana Dialogues with “If this were said now!”. There can be thali decorating, Diya making, rangoli competition, and bay decorations also. Lantern making can also be fun.

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Get some Henna artists

We bet women will love this surprise more than the chocolates. Bring a bunch of henna artists and see their faces lit up with glee and hands filled with beauteous Mehandi designs.

Find volunteers for office decoration

Use flowers and organic colours and other handicrafts and traditionally printed clothes for the decoration. Don’t burst crackers. Instead of that light some candles or Diyas at the areas where there is no risk of fire. Doing decoration is an activity that requires a bunch of people. So, this reinforces your team coordination activities.

Best ethnic wear contest

This goes without saying but you can surely arrange a competition for the employees. After all who doesn’t like to dress up? You can also have a ramp walk session, articulate a question for the final round and ask them to show a small piece of their talent (it can include dancing, singing, mimicry, or acting etc.) The one who wins gets a beautiful crown and the title. (the titles can go like Miss. Diva,etc.)

Make them groove

After the employees are done with decoration. Either call a Dholwala or play some music inside your office. Pep the party up with the musical chair game.

Have a fun photo booth

You can also create a photo booth area, wherein, you can keep various props like a big moustache a big crown, wigs, and praying beads etc. Employees can click photos here and also put their Instagram accounts to best use with boomerangs and superzooms.

Potluck or free lunch? You choose

You can organise a potluck or take their day’s lunch on yourself. Everyone loves to hog on some delectable food, so make your employees enjoy the feast.

Make each employee do a good deed

Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil. Ask every employee to never see an evil act or person suppress the good act or person. Stand for what is right and never be the one being evil to anyone. Moreover, a good deed like donating your old clothes to orphanage can be a great idea to light the faces of those who don’t have parents have the festive vibe. I would suggest you collect some amount and rather buy some new clothes.

Giving away gifts to each employee the typical way like a box of sweets, chocolates, alongwith some other items of necessity is quite bygone. Better to give them gifts along with a shopping voucher. Reimagine the way you celebrate Diwali at your workplace. Take a cue from the aforementioned Diwali celebration ideas, experience what increased employee engagement rate can do for your business.

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