5 Ways To Support Your Employees’ Personal New Year Resolutions

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New Year is around the corner and it’s time to fasten your seat belts once again. It is both exciting and overwhelming to catalyse a fresh start at this time of the year, every year! Yet another calendar to prepare, new strategies to devise, bigger goals to achieve and better days to look forward to. It feels like a responsibility to bring innovative and effective ideas to the table, specifically while aiming for the best new year resolutions. Now, while planning to revamp the pre-existing workflow and experience an augmented business output like never before, keeping employee satisfaction in mind is a must. Since everyone is equally determined to set and accomplish their targets, it is essential to understand that employees too would be striving to maintain their work-life balance in order to stick to their personal new year resolutions.

The question is, where does your new year planning resonate with your employees’? Are you considering the first-hand growth of your staff while creating ‘The’ list? So this time, try to keep it employee-centric and witness a dramatic transformation in the overall atmosphere of your workspace. Let us walk through these 5 worthwhile steps you can take to brace your employees’ own new year resolutions in 2020:

Pay Attention To Their Health

Even if you search for new year resolution quotes, you will realise that improving health conditions is a prime to-do for everyone and is commonly suggested in every checklist. So, taking initiatives towards improving the health of your employees will definitely bring them one step closer to achieving their new year goals. There are multiple ways of doing it, such as promoting workout by opening a mini gym, organizing yoga/ meditation/ stress management programs, offering free health check-ups or planning regular recreational activities to break the monotony.

Give Them Financial Security

A fair and timely promotion/ appraisal is every employee’s right! Since everyone works extremely hard to earn decent wages ultimately, gaining financial stability also tops the list of new year resolutions amongst employees. The key to bridging the gap between their goals is by introducing encouraging appraisal policies. This way, you can help them attain a smooth career growth and complete job satisfaction. You can use the HROne HRMS software for streamlining performance management while evaluating employee KPIs and for payroll management at the time of deciding salary increments.

Upskill Your Workforce  

Another factor that draws the attention of employees is when you take a step to improve their competence. Working professionals are always up for learning new technologies and gaining better skills. So, this is where the two of you can meet and help each other grow. Organizing technical trainings, skill development/ enhancement sessions and regular evaluations to test the level of upskilling will not only make the employees more proficient but will also increase their contribution to your company growth.

Organize Trips and Tours For Them

Traveling is a recurring point in every other list and a great attraction for employees in any organization. For you, the whole new year resolution 2020 initiative can be a game-changer if you delight your staff by planning random outings now and then along with at least one yearly outstation tour. To make the experience more interesting and yielding, you can conduct contests and send the winners for special national or international trips. 

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Keep the Employer-Employee Bond Alive

Many people struggle with interacting confidently majorly due to hesitation or a lack of opportunities. So, they make it a target to start communicating more often. A mutual understanding between the employer and the employees is as critical as employee-employee coordination. Thus, if not directly, you need to interact with your workforce via emails on a daily basis either to appreciate them or to take their feedback regarding random practices. Hence, this can be one of your best new year resolutions, if implemented intelligently. 

Therefore, the central takeaway is that if you are dreaming big this time and expecting huge organisational growth in 2020, don’t just think about the business alone. Be ready to plan and implement some life-changing new year resolutions in favor of your employees, promising to support their personal growth!

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